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#3 Tilton vs #16 South Kent

One of the best games we have seen in a long time, # 3 Tilton vs. #16 South Kent; this was a battle from start to finish.  In attendance where head coaches Jim Calhoun (Uconn) Ed Cooley (Providence) Fred Hoiberg (Iowa State) Florida assistant, and Oklahoma assistant.  Tilton was without their anchor Georges Niang, because of the rule that if you are ejected out of a game you are suspended for the next game.  That next game took place this afternoon, on the campus of Marianapolis Prep, Tilton came off firing on all cylinders, Wayne Selden picked up right where he left off at from the state farms tournament of champions.   His three pointer was on the money as he made 4 total for the game, attacking the rim like a knife through hot butter, he looked as good as we have seen him in a long time.  Selden finished the game with 31 points.  The correction offices as we like to call them, Nerlens Noel & Goodluck Okonoboh held the paint down challenging shot after shot, they combined for 20 points, 21 rebounds, and 8 blocks.


Ricardo Ledo performed like he was on a mission, started the game slow but ended it in a big fashion.  Scoring comes easy to some, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony to name a few, while not in the NBA as of yet but Ledo scores the ball like a professional.  While the rest of the players where shooting the ball from the high school line, Ledo shot the ball from the Burger King located off route 395 behind Marianapolis Prep, but he did it off the dribble, off the screen, and finished in transition.  Ledo finished with a game high 34 points, 6 three pointers, 11 rebounds.  Chris Thomas kept South Kent in the game by being aggressive on the offensive end, he to is another one that scoring comes easy for.  He fished the game with 10 points 7 rebounds, the game ended with 47 seconds remaining as Chris Thomas went up for a dunk while Noel trailed him and fouled him hard, the referees ruled an intentional foul both teams got scrappy and the referees ended the game South Kent wins 73-63


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