2027 Hoop Dreams Magazine Jr Standouts

Theodore Allen Jr- 2027 5’7 (High Rock Middle School) Massachusetts When we say hes the GOODS, we really mean it, has been know as one of the best players in the country for a while now. TJ fits the mold of having “IT” Makes shots, able to use his body to create space, has developed […]

2026 Hoop Dreams Magazine Jr. Standouts (Part 2)

Dmani Williams –  2026 5’5 (Weston Middle School) Massachusetts This is a throwback guard, Gary Payton vibes if you play with the ball in the back court he will more then certenly take the ball. He showed he can make the long ball, as well as play in ball screens. Williams has a chance to […]

2026 Hoop Dreams Magazine Jr Standouts (Part 1)

Israel Jackson – 2026 6’3 (Newburgh School District) New York  Mr. Jackson made his case for the #1 prospect in the Hoop Dreams Mag rankings, the 6’4 wing did everything, scored it at a high clip, blocked shots, made jumpers, quick rips and showed his ball handling ability. Jackson was a man amongst boys and he […]

Hoop Dreams Jr’s combine results

Hoop Dreams Jr’s combine top 10 results.   ¾ Sprint Darin Robinson 2.07 Michael Dasilva Jr 2.07 Armani Lloret 2.07 Ty Tables 2.18 Deon Santos 2.3 Elijah Ford 2.5 Travis Upchurch 2.61 Devan Williams 2.69 Jamari Robinson 2.73 Myki Washington 2.8 Lane Agility Jaxson Terry 10.96 Landon Krygier 11.03 Dmani Williams 11.24 Travis Upchurch 11.34 […]

2020 HDM Combine (MS Girls)

The 2020 Hoop Dreams Magazine Girls Combine had a middle school division that had a load of talent look to claim their spot as the next top prospect of their generation. a number of campers stood out and left a mark on the event. Evelyn Schwartz ‘25 (Lincoln-Sudbury)  A skilled frontcourt player who gives consistent […]

2020 HDM High School Boys Standouts (2of2)

A loaded gym of talent at the Dana Barros Basketball Club that featured rising prospects in the region. We feature part 2 of 2 standout prospects at the 2020 Hoop Dreams Magazine High School Boys Sowcase. Joe Okla ’24 (Holy Name) There’s a lot of promise with Okla. He’s got size and length that allows […]

2025 Hoop Dreams Magazine Jr Combine (Part 2)

Warren Keel- 2025 5’10 (Breed Middle School) Massachusetts  Looked like he was walking on water, there wasn’t anything that he didn’t do, scored it at all three levels. Keel was special at the combine, his name was buzzing and you felt his energy as he played like he had something to prove. Was really impressed […]

2020 HDM Combine Camp (HS Boys) Standouts (1of2)

The 2020 Hoop Dreams Magazine Combine along with Dana Barros Basketball Club and Next Level Factory brought together the top prospects in the region for some competitive action. A session filled with skills training, 5v5 competition, dunk contest and a all star game was an atmosphere of high level basketball. The camp produced a ton […]

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