Warren Keel- 2025 5’10 (Breed Middle School) Massachusetts 

Looked like he was walking on water, there wasn’t anything that he didn’t do, scored it at all three levels. Keel was special at the combine, his name was buzzing and you felt his energy as he played like he had something to prove. Was really impressed with his IQ and being able to see plays before they happen, he is going to be special. 

Adam Conheeny – 2025 5’10 (Portsmouth Middle School) Rhode Island

Shooters shot, this knockdown shooter showed us he has game and is one of the best shooters in the class. Made everyone on his team better, he communicated well and informed his players where they should be. He seemed to make the right play all the time, as he was a big time playmaker who showed that he belonged adam aka Collin Gillespie. 


Desmond Bellot – 2025 6’0 (Rivers School) Massachusetts 

Desmond is a long guard that is just scratching the surface of his potential. He made an impact on the game by playing hard on both ends of the court. He rebounds very well for his position and finishes with the best of them. His jumper has improved which has been able to keep defenders at bay, Bellot has all the tools of  big time guard. 


Devan Williams – 2025 Connecticut

A pit bull is what we called him, the do it all guard had ball handlers scared to dribble when he was guarding them. Scored it in bunches, the big guard has the tools to be a 3-and-D specialist as he continues to develop his game. He was a playmaker as he got others involved using his handle to drive into the paint breaking down the defense and then finding his teammates. 

Ty Tabales – 2025 5’11 (Claremont Academy) Massachusetts  

Ty was a man on a mission, he scored it at a high clip with either hand, played high level defence that had defenders turning their backs to him.  He stepped up to every challenge that was presented to him, his upside is big time and you can tell that he is a worker by how skillful he was.