Travis Upchurch- 5’11 (Fairfield Country Day) Connecticut

One of the best guards I have seen in a long time, he plays at a different pace then everyone one else. Unable to speed him up or turn him over he is a high level defender that plays the passing lanes like a veteran. Upchurch makes it look easy as he scored whenever he felt like it, with the ball in his hands you are sure to have a good opportunity of winning the ball game. 


 Jamari Robinson – 2025 5’10 (Belmont Hill School) Massachusetts 

The high flyer made his presence felt as he sliced and diced his way to the basket, Robinson did it all and did it gracefully all within the flow of the game. Robinson is a nightmare going down hill and has slippery moves to get past his defender. 


Amir Panagiotis – 2025 6’0 St (Andrews School) Rhode Island 

This hard nosed guard only knows one gear and that’s full speed, he didn’t take a play off all day which screams “winner” Got to the basket at ease and played under control. Panagiotis has that old school game, get it done by any means necessary. On the defensive end he gets after it while guarding multiple positions. 


Jared Butler Jr – 2025 6’5 (Capital Prep) Connecticut

Butler has grown and has become more skillful, the long wing is oozing with upside. His long ball has become more of a weapon, along with his ball handling ability which helps him beat his defender off the dribble. Butler has a great feel for the game as he was able to understand mismatches and took smaller defenders in the post. He will be a household name in the future, when he continues to progress. 


Winston Legentus – 2025 5’8 (Raynham Middle School) Massachusetts 

He has grown a few inches since we last saw him, known as a shooter he has added some extra game into his bag of tricks. He made a ton of shots, but what was more impressive was that he defended and made his teammates better even in a camp setting. Legentus is what we call a throwback player, he does it all.