The world has faced some tough times in 2020 dealing with the Pandemic virus of COVID-19. College coaches an high school prospects have found it most difficult on the recruiting front. With no official on campus visits and cancelled live period events coaches have relied on zoom calls to fulfill their recruitment needs. We’ve put together recruiting tips on how to garner exposure and handle recruitment during these times.

Be Active!

Utilize social media and other online tools that allow coaches to understand your personality and style of play. List your attributes in terms of height, weight, wingspan, position, vertical and accolades if you have that information available. This tip becomes a player profile that you have control over.

Although not many exposure camps are available but if one is providing a visual media outlet that coaches have access to then you should attend. Coaches have been using online live streaming events to evaluate talent. These events are also accessed by recruiting services who discover hidden gems at these events.

Be in contact with your High School/AAU coach to evaluate your situation and discuss your academic/athletic goals. Having a plan will allow you to reach those goals. College coaches would like to hear from the person who can give them an insight on how you can fit their system.

Make sure to have full game and a highlight tape available. What’s in your highlight tape has to reflect the full game highlight. Share your training videos and what skills you’re working to improve. Everyone makes their shots in a highlight tape but letting a coach understand you know how to read the passing lanes, vocal on both ends of floor, positive body language and respectable coach interaction are a few things coaches look to see. Be a recruitable prospect that draws attention for the right and not one that turns people away.

Coaches are still recruiting so prospects should continue to work. Take care of yourself, stay active but in the same breath do it in a way that keeps you safe.