Nike EYBL The Inside Scoop

We decided to give our readers an inside break down of the most talked about AAU circuit the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League.  Nike sponsors (40) teams throughout the USA which includes one team from Canada, the perks are priceless all players receive a custom pair of Nike EYBL sneakers along with EYBL uniforms and an assortment of other gear.

The world of pool play doesn’t exist on the Nike circuit; there are no started programs who frequently get mercy ruled.  This is high-level basketball at its best; out of the top 60 players (ESPN) for the class of 2014 over 42 of them play for an EYBL team, that’s 70% of the top players in the country.

Nike sponsors each of the 40 teams that fly into the four different locations to participate in there league, Los Angeles, Virginia, Texas and Minnesota, followed by the top 25 teams that will be selected to play in the Peach Jam.

I don’t think outsiders understand how great this league is, the league keeps stats each game such as Points Per Game, FG Percentage, 3-Point Percentage, Free Throw Percentage, Offensive Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds, Blocks, Steals, Minutes, and Assists just to name a few.  From 2011 -2015 the #1 player in the class has played with a Nike team.

This is your ultimate league that every college coach would love to evaluate prospects in the college setting with a 30 second shot clock along with three referee.  To top it all off, teams film each other and break down film to learn plays as well as tendencies of the team.

This is a quick glance of what players will encounter once they reach the collegiate level.

Rene Castro: Worcester Academy (Butler) “It was fun playing against the best competition all the time, it helped me become a better player”

That’s what the EYBL is famous for, having the best players in the country all competing against each other.  If you want to be the best, you should play against the best.

Jaylen Brantley: Notre Dame Prep (Marshall) “EYBL was great, every game you’re playing against the best players in the country so you have to bring you’re a game.  The experience of being able to travel around the country to play basketball in front of coaches to help your future “

Kamali Bey Wilbraham & Monson (Assumption College) has played on both circuits Nike & Adidas when asked how he would compare the two his response was “ I thought the Nike circuit was more competitive, every team has a stud on it, its like the BIG EAST compared to the A-10”

Which circuit would you say benefited most from “The EYBL with out a doubt, the organization of it, competition and everything was just better “

KJ Baptiste: Brimmer & May School (Brandies University) has played on both circuits, “Playing in the EYBL was playing in a much different level of basketball. Every game you play in is as competitive as a championship game. In my opinion I believe the EYBL is the toughest AAU circuit to be successful in because every game you play no matter what place the team is in your playing, they could beat you”

One high major head coach “ The advantage of playing in the EYBL we are able to evaluate the players while they are fresh, you only play two games a day so you are at your best each time you step on the court. “

The amount of coaches that attend the different sessions are amazing, head coach after head coach are all front and center to watch what Nike has done to the circuit.  Created its on lane of Elite basketball.


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Expressions Elite Takes EYBL By Storm

Newly sponsored NIKE team Expressions Elite made a name for themselves while in Los Angeles, CA for the first session of EYBL. The Expressions Elite opened up with a 67-43 victory over NIKE TEAM LOUISIANA, Jared Terell and Abdul-Malik Abu who combined for 31 points. Abu received rave reviews from media outlets who were seeing the workhorse for the first time. Expressions also got a big contribution from ’14 Dimitri Floras. Floras played the role of a facilitator who had an impressive stat line of 8 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assist.

Expressions marched on to the beat of a 4-0 finish that saw wins over defending EYBL champs Oakland Soldiers, Arkansas Wings and Indy Spiece. A well balanced attack throughout the weekend from ’15 Jared Wilson-Frame and ’15 Aron Falzon was a piece to why Expressions were able to finish 4-0. With Wilson-Frame ability to attack the basket and Falzons outside shooting there was no real answer to stop this streaking team. Combined the duo averaged 22ppg to form an inside-out offensive fire power.

BABC also took the stage this weekend in LA and ran the table to a 4-0 start behind the strong interior play from ’14 Bonzie Colson. Colson shot over 50% from the field averaging 18 points and 9 rebounds per game. From BABC we also saw one the best shooting displays from outside of any prospect over the weekend as red hot ’14 Tyler Nelson shot 45% from deep including a buzzer beater win over Bluff City Legends. Nelson’s shooting comes to surprise from the media outlets that follow his game in New England but he caught the attention of those in LA. The point guard play of ‘15 Johnny Joseph could not go unnoticed as the 5’9 general ran the offense with a 7:2 assist to turnover ratio throughout 4 games. The improvement in Joseph’s ability to slow the game down is something new and it works for the wiry pass first point guard but it works.

Chris McCullough (Brestwer Academy,NH) of Team Scan and Kevin Zabo (Brewster Academy, NH) of CIA Bounce also played well in LA. McCullough shot well from the field and often lead the scoring attack. Playing the role of the lead guard for CIA Bounce this year with the departure of phenom Andrew Wiggins and Zabo did what he could to fill that void.

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NIKE EYBL The Circuit // 2012 Season Recap

There are tournaments… and then there is the NIKE EYBL. This is The Circuit.

From countless players on countless courts to coaches dedicating countless hours to shape them, there are different levels of basketball – and the one above them all is the NIKE EYBL.

On the Circuit, the players face the toughest of competition, but it’s the coaches who must navigate hundreds of games, 4 cities and 40 of the best teams in the country… All to be one of the Elite 24 teams to reach the NIKE EYBL Peach Jam Finals.


Sneaker Watch: LeBronold Palmer 9 lows

Lebron James created quite a buzz in the basketball and sneaker community when he posted a picture on his twitter page and instagram of a shoe the King called Lebronold Palmer 9’s.

The kicks are laced with a vibrant beach inspired colorway, while also tipping it’s hat to a classic Arnold Palmer [ a drink that inludes 1/2 lemonade, 1/2 iced tea].  A drink made famous by the golf legend. Dubbed the “Lebronold Palmer,” the kicks feature an Aronold Palmer glass graphic on the insole


Sneaker Watch: Nike Air Yeezy 2 Platinum NRG – Video Review

Following the Video Review of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Black/Solar Red we share the Platinum NRG in detailed. Featuring a 3M mesh upper, trainer strap, tech challenge sole, Foamposite booties, metal tip laces and glow-in-the-dark features. I think it’s safe to say by now that #sneakerheads Worldwide just experienced the biggest release, maybe in history. Take a closer look at this detailed Video Review and let us know, where were you when the Air Yeezy 2 dropped? Did you get a chance to cop your pair? Lastly, was the camping-out worth the wait?


Sneaker Watch “Friday’s” Nike Lebron 9

The Nike Lebron 9 is set to officially debut this weekend exclusively in Miami in the limited edition “Cannon,” or as some are calling it, the “Pre-Heat” colorway. To help us get familar with the extremely vibrant colorway of the LeBron 9, Stickie213 recently put together this detailed video review of the already-popular style.

The debut colorway of the LeBron 9 features a “Cannon” colored synthetic upper, with a darker green filling in the remaining areas. Neon accents are also seen, working the Swoosh outline, tongue signature, heel branding and pull-tab. A vibrant orange completes the look, running along the outsole and filling in the 180 heel Air bag.

Continue below for a full video review of the LeBron 9 “Cannon // Pre-Heat” by Stickie213.