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The Decision

September 24, 2012, Noah Vonleh, a 6’8 gifted student athlete from Haverill, Ma announced that he would reclass back into his original graduating class of 2013. As a reclassified recruit, Noah’s ranking is as high as #7 on most national recruiting sites.  Vonleh’s announcement to reclass ended speculation that buzzed around the recruitment world throughout the summer.

Vonleh’s performance at Adidas Nations last month against some of the top prospects in the country, improved his case as one of the best in the country regardless of class. Vonleh was playing like a man on a mission every time he took the court. The 6’8 combo forward averaged 19.3Ppg to go along with 11Rpg throughout the camp. If those numbers don’t jump out and scream star potential then I don’t know what will.

Vonleh continues a trend that is starting to build around New England and throughout the country. Kentucky freshmen Nerlens Noel (Tilton School, NH) was faced with the same decision this past winter with jumping up a class also. Nerlenswas met with academic requirements that he had to fulfill, which he eventually did and landed him in Kentucky as the #1 player in the class of 2012. Andre Drummond (St. Thomas More School, CT) the year before announced weeks before classes started at the University of Connecticut, he would skip out on his final prep year. This past spring, Wayne Selden (Tilton School, NH) announced he would jump up a class and graduate this school year with the 2013 student body.

All four players utilized the opportunity and time at their respected prep schools to improve on academic skills. Each student has been regarded as high character kids or better yet student athletes(emphasis on student) . We wish Vonleh good luck on his journey to having a great academic year and season on the hardwood.

According to CBS Sports, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Syracuse, and Ohio State are among the primary schools in the mix for Vonleh.

Andrew Wiggins, the #1 player in the class of 2014, is slated to announce his decision on whether to reclass or not in the upcoming weeks.


Breaking News: Nerlens Noel reclassifies back to 2012 class

The Class of 2012 received a significant boost Wednesday when Nerlens Noel (Everett, Mass./Tilton), the No. 2 overall recruit in the Class of 2013, told that he will rejoin his original class and graduate this spring.

The move will make Noel eligible to play college basketball this fall.

“I just thought over the season that I was getting a higher level of competition and was working on my game,” Noel said. “I reclassified because I was hurt but I feel like I’m ready to play at the next level.”

Two weeks ago, Noel was the dominant big man at the HoopHall Classic, which helped him make his decision.

“It kind of put me over the top but it was on my mind for a while,” Noel said.

Noel and Jabari Parker (Chicago, Ill./Simeon) were battling for the top spot in a loaded 2013 class. With the change, Noel could pass Shabazz Muhammad (Las Vegas, Nev./Bishop Gorman) and take over the No. 1 spot in the Class of 2012.

Noel has already been to Providence and Connecticut and will visit Syracuse on Feb. 11.

“I’m ready to do it. It’s a short window of time to pick a school and that’s a concern to get out there and visit and maintain all my schoolwork,” Noel said.

Noel said he will also visit Kentucky, Florida, Georgetown and North Carolina.

“Some of the coaches gave me dates but I have a couple of big games on those days so they’re not really planned yet,” Noel said.

Noel said he won’t rush his decision but acknowledged his recruitment will have a quickened pace.

“There’s not really a timeframe for me to wrap it up,” Noel said. “I just want to get in as many visits to these schools before signing day.”


Per Dave Telep (ESPN)

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#3 Tilton vs #16 South Kent

One of the best games we have seen in a long time, # 3 Tilton vs. #16 South Kent; this was a battle from start to finish.  In attendance where head coaches Jim Calhoun (Uconn) Ed Cooley (Providence) Fred Hoiberg (Iowa State) Florida assistant, and Oklahoma assistant.  Tilton was without their anchor Georges Niang, because of the rule that if you are ejected out of a game you are suspended for the next game.  That next game took place this afternoon, on the campus of Marianapolis Prep, Tilton came off firing on all cylinders, Wayne Selden picked up right where he left off at from the state farms tournament of champions.   His three pointer was on the money as he made 4 total for the game, attacking the rim like a knife through hot butter, he looked as good as we have seen him in a long time.  Selden finished the game with 31 points.  The correction offices as we like to call them, Nerlens Noel & Goodluck Okonoboh held the paint down challenging shot after shot, they combined for 20 points, 21 rebounds, and 8 blocks.


Ricardo Ledo performed like he was on a mission, started the game slow but ended it in a big fashion.  Scoring comes easy to some, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony to name a few, while not in the NBA as of yet but Ledo scores the ball like a professional.  While the rest of the players where shooting the ball from the high school line, Ledo shot the ball from the Burger King located off route 395 behind Marianapolis Prep, but he did it off the dribble, off the screen, and finished in transition.  Ledo finished with a game high 34 points, 6 three pointers, 11 rebounds.  Chris Thomas kept South Kent in the game by being aggressive on the offensive end, he to is another one that scoring comes easy for.  He fished the game with 10 points 7 rebounds, the game ended with 47 seconds remaining as Chris Thomas went up for a dunk while Noel trailed him and fouled him hard, the referees ruled an intentional foul both teams got scrappy and the referees ended the game South Kent wins 73-63



National Prep Showcase: All Tournament Teams

As we wrap up the National Prep Showcase we bring to you the All Tournament Teams by class.

All Tournament Team 2012

Semaj Christon 6’2″ (Brewster Academy) Xavier  – One of the best point guards in the class, scores in so many ways, when jump-shot develops will have a chance to make a living from distributing the pig skin.

NPS: Showed that he belongs in the conversation as one of the top five point guards in the class.


Ricardo Ledo 6’6″ (South Kent CT) Providence  – One of Americas premier scores, shoots the ball out to the NBA three-point arc, and finishes above the rim like a future NBA player would.  hard to believe that there are twenty one people in America better then Ledo.

NPS: the fire department was called on day 1 of the showcase from Ledo going off for 37 points

JaKarr Sampson 6’8″ (Brewster Academy) – Athletic as they come, finishes well in transition, if you don’t box out he will reward you with a poster.  with developing jump – shot Sampson has a chance to play after college.

NPS: Made several highlight plays, knocked down the improved jumper.


TJ Warren 6’8″ (Brewster Academy) NC State – Doesn’t pass the athletic test, noor the look test, but don’t be fooled he passes the production test and that’s all that matters.  Scores with the best of them, time and time again.

NPS: Scored at will, and showed flashes of his off-season conditioning with coach Josh and the vertimax.


Montrezl Harrell 6’8″ (Hargrave Military Academy) Virginia Tech – A complete monster, plays with passion in the paint, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and do all the little things in order to get the team win.

NPS: Proved to be a player that can help VT as soon as he steps on campus.



                          Honorable Mention

Mitch McGary 6’10” (Brewster Academy) – didn’t produce as he usually does, but his rebounding and energy where never in question.

Myles Davis 6’3″ (Notre Dame Prep) – One of the better shooters in the class, Xavier got another steal.

Sam Cassell Jr. 6’4″ (Notre Dame Prep) – Shot the ball extremely well, has a knack for scoring

Ethan O’Day 6’9″ (Northfield Mount Hermon) – Was near perfect this weekend, Vermont got a steal

Mike Tobey 6’11” (Blair Academy) – Scored with every post move there was, left or right it didn’t matter


All Tournament Team: 2013

Jaylen Brantley 5’10” (Wilberham & Monson) – A true coach on the floor, as well as a bull eyes shooter, Brantley can control a team and make sure all teammates get involved.

NPS: ran the show for coach Sparks, mixed it up with a variety of moves and jumpers.


Chris Thomas 6’5″ (South Kent)- A scoring guard who can score with the best of them, can mix it up with the long ball or finish at the rim.

NPS: Scored the ball as he always does on day 2, seems like him and Ledo switched roles on day 2.


Nerlens Noel 6’9″ (Tilton School) – The eraser has added a demotions to his game, dribble moves from the perimeter to the basket.  Also developing his mid range jump shot, has NBA timing when blocking shots.

NPS: Showed his versatility by putting the ball to the floor from the wing and finished with both hands.


Goodluck Okonobh 6’8″ (Tilton School) – One of the better shot blockers in the class, Had nice low post moves and can hit the fifth-teen foot jump shot.

NPS: Finished above the rim in transition, controlled the paint like a corrections officer.


Dominic Woodson 6’10″(Vermont Academy) – Can stretch the defence out with his perimeter skill set, can also get his hands dirty in the low post.

NPS: Showed why he is on top of the recruiting board, can take slower bigs out to the top of the key and shoot it.



All Tournament Team: 2014

Johnnie Vassar 6’0  (La Lumiere School) – Quick guard who is very athletic, a great on ball defender

NPS: Played with great poise and under control, shoot the ball well



Jared Terrell 6’3″ (New Hampton) – A flat out scorer who attacks the basket, as good as anyone in his class.

NPS: Showcased his point guard skills, and showed that he belonged in the conversation of top players in the class.


Wayne Selden 6’5″ (Tilton School) – Explosive as they come, improved on his outside shot.

NPS: Didn’t score much, but we all know what he is capable of, his presence was felt.


Noah Vonleh 6’7″  (New Hampton) – Can score inside and outside, and rebounds like he is in college already.

NPS: Dennis Rodman like, Vonleh’s long term potential is scary, with his size and skill,  the sky is the limit.


Johnathon Wilkins  6’10” (La Lumiere School) – Remember the name will be a big time player, great shot blocking abilities.

NPS: Changed shoots and started the break from his defensive energy.



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Vote for New England’s Own Nerlens Noel aka “The Eraser”

Nerlens is up for the ESPNHS player of the year, and he needs your vote.  Click on the link below to vote, lets all help out and vote.
Nerlens Noel 2013, Tilton (Tilton, N.H.)
No. 2 in the ESPNU 60 
Challenging “The Eraser” at the rim usually has the same result: a ball swatted into the stands and fans in the crowd wagging their fingers Dikembe Mutombo-style. Blessed with an Oden-like 7-4 wingspan and impeccable timing, Noel has the rare ability to dominate a game without needing to score. But the Massachusetts native can do that, too. Noel averaged 15 points per game last winter.

Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 10.31.02 AM

Nerlens Noel ESPN’s #2 Player in 2013 – LeBron James Skills Academy 2011

Nerlens Noel is a 6’10 Center who is one of the top three players in the country. He is widely considered the best defensive player in the country regardless of class. Nerlens has offers from Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Connecticut, Florida and many others. These highlights are from Boo Williams in Virginia and the LeBron James Skills Academy in Ohio.

Video & Article (per) CityLeagueHoopsTV






BABC Prospect Camp

















Join Boston Amateur Basketball Club players and coaches for a weekend of development and competion.  Compete with and against area talent for evaluation.

Established in 1977, the Boston Amateur Basketball Club (BABC) has evolved into one of the most prestigious amateur basketball programs in the country. Founded by Head CoachLeo Papile, the BABC has much to be proud of having won eleven National Championships and capturing 47 gold and 8 silver medals in the AAU New England competitions.Come join the 2011 15u and 16u AAU National Champions.


wayne copy

“Basketball & Hip Hop” (Nerlens, Wayne, Goodluck, Moufy) are you Affiliated ?

In this day and age basketball and music goes hand and hand, one Boston mega star who goes by the name of MOUFY has not only taken on New England by storm he will soon be heard by the world.  With support by good friends like Wayne Selden ESPN #10, Nerlens Noel ESPN #2 as well as Goodluck Okonoboh ESPN #61,  MOUFY’S message will forever be heard through his strong ties to the hardwood.  Take a look as we introduce to you MOUFTY, a star in the making

Raised in the Orchard Park neighborhood of Roxbury, Moufy is the rapper to watch coming out of Boston. At the age of 19, Moufy already has the most downloaded mixtape ever by an unsigned artist from the City of Boston and the most facebook fans of any rapper from the city. His accomplishments don’t stop there though, he has sold out a 250 person venue in Boston; had articles written about him in the Boston Herald, Boston Phoenix,,,, and; and he has shared the stage with the likes of KRS-One, Machine Gun Kelly and Hoodie Allen.

If you don’t believe the hype just listen to what critics are saying:
“He could become a big deal real quick” (,
“He’s got a real unique flow and a voice unlike any rapper I’ve ever heard” (,
“[He’s] the next big artist coming out of Boston” (,
“One of the dopest unsigned artists in the game” (,

From modest beginnings, Moufy was born to a teen-aged mother from the Dominican Republic and a father who drifted in and out of his life. His vast experiences growing up in Roxbury and going to private high schools have shaped him into who he is now and help him to bridge the gap between urban and suburban America.