Kyle Casey “Mr. Harvard”

When you think of high major basketball, Harvard isn’t a name that would come up in that conversation.  But coach Tommy Amaker had a plan when he took the head coaching job at Harvard University, that plan was to recruit high major talent to one of the most prestigious academic universities in the world.  Kyle Casey a Medway Ma, native attended Brimmer & May School located in the Chestnut Hill section of Boston Ma.

The  day school roughly has 47 boys that completes the population of the upper school, Kyle thrived while at Brimmer & May under coach Greg Kristof where Casey averaged 20 points, 5 blocks and 12 rebounds per game  as a senior.  Kyle ran with Expression Elite for AAU, where he played to rave reviews and was an instantly the talk of all high major collge coaches.  An Mcdonal’s All American nominee as well as 2008 Reebok All-America selection.


While with Expressions Casey won countless tournaments and received offers from schools such as Stanford, Vanderbilt, Providence, and Davidson, just to name a few.  After strong consideration with his family and coaches, Casey decided to attend Harvard University.  Most people would question his decision based on basketball, but to Casey basketball was a vehicle he used to prepare for his future, and graduating from Harvard University speaks volumes in the workforce.


After avaerging 10 points and 5 rebounds per contest, Casey was named rookie of the year in the Ivy league, he showed scouts of all kinds that he should be on there tour list of potential NBA players that they should keep an eye on.  Casey did all this while getting a world class education at Harvard.  We sat down with Casey and discussed his path to Harvard University.

Why did you choose Harvard coming out of HS?

“Coming out of high school I was looking for a good balance between basketball and academics. I gave many schools a chance but ultimately I picked Harvard because I could get the best of both worlds. I really connected and believed in the vision and direction that Coach Amaker was taking this program.”

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

“I always feel that I can improve in all facets of the game. I like to be a student of the game and continuously learn and develop. I must improve my consistency for sure. I’m really focusing on bringing the same energy and consistency every day.  My strength is that I’m a athletic. I pride myself on trying to be the most athletic guy on the court. 

Is there an NBA player that people say you resemble?

“There isn’t really a specific player that people say that I resemble.”

How did Brimmer & May help you develop and prepare for high-level college basketball as well as academics?

“Academically Brimmer prepared me very well. I took a challenging schedule there. The teachers and workload taught me valuable skills that helped ready me for the next level. As far as athletics are concerned, much of the credit must go to Greg Kristof, my high school coach. He along with a great assistant coach I had, Ben Max, help me develop my skill set beyond any point I could have imagined. Their work and dedication towards helping my game improve is what got me ready for the next level.”

What was the hardiest adjustment you had to make going into college basketball wise?

“Beginning my college experience was a very humbling experience. I was tossed right into the mix and had to learn and adjust on the fly. The pace and physicality of the game was the two most noticeable differences between high school and college to me.”

Tell the readers about Kyle off the court?

“Off the court I like to think I’m a pretty chill guy. I’m a people person so I like to talk and interact with a lot of different people. I usually hang with the guys in my class on the team a lot. They are my best friends, so we kick it a lot. I need my space at the same time. I enjoy just kicking back and watching a movie or something every once and a while to slow things down.”

Describe your experience playing at Harvard?

“My experience playing at Harvard has been a joyous ride thus far. I enjoy and feel blessed to be in the situation that I’m in at this point in my life. Playing here has helped me meet many wonderful people and also majorly shape who I have become. This chapter of my life has been amazing but it is not yet finished.”

Describe your AAU coach in one word?


What do you miss the most about AAU?
“I miss everything about AAU. I absolutely love AAU, traveling around the country some a bunch of friends that shared the same passion as I do was amazing.  I met some of my best friends because of AAU, I miss everything.”
Describe your AAU experience with Expressions?

“Expressions was awesome. We were all a really close, fun team.  My teammates were crazy and we always had a good time no matter where we were.” 

What was it like traveling on the circuit?

” It was extremely competitive. Everywhere we went there were great teams. I love competition and that exactly what awaited us whenever we stepped on the court.” 

What are your goals after your done at Harvard?

“After Harvard I absolutely want to take my game to the next level. I love this sport and it has open so many doors for me so I want to continue to play for as long as I can. After that I want to give back to the game and hopefully provide the opportunity for someone else in the same fashion that it was provided for me. I always want to stay around the game.”

what is your major?

What advise could you give the next generation on choosing a college?

“Don’t get caught up in the brand. Go to a school where you fit in, have a great comfort level, and that will make you better. Don’t let basketball use you. You should use basketball to take your life to the next level. The ball will eventually stop bouncing one day but life will go on. Make sure you are making a life decision when choosing a school not just a basketball decision.”