Memphis Lands Kuran Iverson (NBA Potential)

Coach Josh Pastner and the University of Memphis picked up a verbal commitment from 6’8 wing player Kuran Iverson. According to what Kuran confirmed with us in a phone interview he was sold on this decision during his recent visit to Memphis but still needed time to make a final decision.

“Last week sometime, but I didn’t want to go forward till I came home and had that mom and son talk’” said Iverson about mulling over his decision. “Once she gave her blessing I was good mentally with it.”

The last prep player from the New England region that Pastner landed is now playing in the NBA (Will Barton, Brewster Academy). Kuran is coach Pastners fourth top 100 prospect added to a stellar Tigers 2013 recruiting class

Kuran Iverson is 6’8 lean wing player, with a great skillset, and all the tools to be great. Iverson was written off by many media outlets in the past 2 years, before bursting back onto the scene this past spring/summer on the AAU circuit.

Iversons AAU Coach Andre Harrison states that he is happy Kuran made his own choice.

“The Best part of the visit was how nice the city of Memphis was,” said Coach Harrison. “Most of all how he got along with the team.”

Since being ranked as high as Top 10 in his class during his freshmen campaign, it was almost a sure thing; Iverson would put his stamp on the rankings as the top player in his class. After being hammered by injuries, and often seen taking plays off, Iverson began to fade as a promising prospect.

Iverson, heard the critics and used their criticism as motivation entering his senior year at Fishburne (Va.) Military School. Iverson starred at Northwest Catholic for three seasons before deciding a transfer move to the Virginia Prep School.

Iverson chose the Tigers over Billy Donovans Florida Gators. Kuran is also the cousin of former NBA MVP Allen Iverson.

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Iverson and Selden Selected To Play in Elite 24

The seventh annual Under Armour Elite 24 will be held in Los Angeles at the Venice Beach outdoor courts Aug. 25 and will be televised live on ESPNU (7 p.m. ET). There will also a slam dunk contest on Aug. 24 (ESPNU, 7 p.m. ET) where NBA players take part in it against the high school players.  Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx provided spme hilarious commentary at last years event. I wonder who they have lined up to roc the mic this year.

The event will featuring 24 of the nation’s top high school players in the country. Past New England Prep participants include Alex & Erik Murphy (St. Marks, MA), (Will Barton (Brewster Academy, NH), Mitch Mcgary (Brewster Academy, NH) and Nerlens Noel (Tilton School, NH). Some might recall that there was a delay in start time last year when Mitch Mcgary shattered one of the backboards on a dunk attempt.

Players will also take part in th Under Armour Grind Session. Grind Session is a skill development curriculum developed by Under Armour and the game’s best trainers, designed to teach young basketball players how to improve different basketball-specific skills and their overall physical ability

This years event features 2 New England natives, Wayne Selden (Tilton School, NH) and Kuran Iverson (Fishburne Military, VA).

for more on the event log on to: http://espn.go.com/blog/high-school/boys-basketball/post/_/id/5966/2012-under-armour-elite-24-announced

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Elite 75 Standout Players

2013 Standouts

Kuran Iverson, As other media outlets turned there backs on the once #2 player in the country Hoop Dreams Magazine stood by his side while crowning him the #1 player in New England in the class of 2013.  Iverson can score with the best of them, while playing point forward keeps his teammates involved by consistently beating his defender off the dribble.  Iverson’s jump shoot looked better and it also seems like he has visited the weight room, David Stern will know his name if he continues to improve.

Kamali Bey, One word can describe his play, Efficient. Bey once herald as one of the state of Massachusetts up and coming gems, was sidelined by an injury that held the star out of action for quite some time.  Now back in action Bey showed why he was given that tag, scored the ball like he was playing horse with his little brother bucket after bucket.  Whichever program lands Bey will be more then satisfied.

Andrew Chrabascz, we like to call him the glue. He makes it work no matter the situation, back to the basket, or slashing down the lane for a two-hand dunk.  Chrabascz has the tools to play at any level because of his will to compete.  Has developed a mid range game as of lately.

Kahil Dukes, the sharp shooter is a volume shooter, but is also a shot maker.  Showed his point guard skills by keeping his team involved while taking over when the time was needed.  Dukes plan to have a top 5 by August and plans to decide which school he plans to attend

Sam Donahue left the event as one of the best shooters in the building; Donahue missed few shots, as he was red hot from the three-point arc. The downtown sniper used the one dribble pull-up to create space, which often freed up his teammates for wide open shoots.

2014 Standouts

Jared Terrell, showed why he is being recruited heavily as one of the best (SG) in the country, Terrell scored in all shapes and fashions. Pull up jumpers, three pointers from all over the court, as well as  his continued growth of athleticism by finishing with loud dunks. Terrell looks to have added more muscle to his already college ready body.

Elijah Rogers has been playing with a chip on his shoulder for the past few events that we have seen him in.  Rogers has gain more athleticism to go along with his consistent attacking style, Rogers plays hard on both ends of the floor.  Needs to develop a solid  mid range game to continue being a threat.

Paschal Chukwu, played to a different beat then he usually does, challenged all shots at the rim, as well as changed shots.  Has started to develop a consistent right hand jump hook, which looks to be his go to move at times.


Abdul Malik Abu, Once again proved that he belongs in the conversation as one of the top 50 players in the 2014 class.  Abu mixed it up today and gave us a preview of his step out three point game. Abu made more then eight three pointers throughout 5 on 5 play.  Not to mention his fearless loud dunks in traffic, Abu has great upper body strength, which allows him to score through contact; a go two move or two would help him scratch his potential.

Bonzie Colson showed his toughness while playing against bigger defenders, has a great feel for the game as he uses the rim to feed off the shot blocker.  What he lacks in size is equaled off by the size of his heart, never one to back down his upside looks great.

Damion Smith the do it all guard, scored rebounded and assisted on half of his teams points, we like to call him the “Junk yard Dog” as he has a great nose for the ball and plays hard from start to finish.  Has to strengthen his ball handling skills along with his jump shot which has looked better lately.

2015 Standouts

Bruce Brown, Showed why he has been declared the next one, showed high level athletic moves.  With a developed jump shot Brown will be a name to remember.

Terrance Mann has a great IQ for the game, both offensively and defensively Mann has the tools to become a high major prospect.  Strength is a concern at a young age; Mann has to be able to finish through the contact, a younger Gerard Coleman.

Kuran Iverson “The Future”

He needs no introduction we call him “The Future” Kuran Iverson North West Catholic High School (CT) a prototype NBA prospect, long listed now as 6’10 as he grew two inches taller as well as his new show size which is now a size 15 but was a 13 at the beginning of the summer.   Athletic, guard skills like he should be 5’10 all this bottled into a high school Jr, one can say that Kuran knows what the top feels like and as well as the bottom.

 Kuran burst onto the scene in 2009 and took not only New England by the storm but the entire country as well, so much that ESPN Senior writer Dave Telep and staff  ranked him the #2 player in the 2013 class, and also drew comparisons to a former NBA All-Star in Antoine Walker.

Fast forward to today 2011 two years later Kuran is ranked respectfully at #30, some ask why ?  if he still displays the same game that he did two years ago, he has grown to 6’10, he is still athletic, he still is the same Kuran we all grew to love.   But one question is left unanswered does he play hard consistently.

Hey Kuran, we are going to jump right into it, what happened this year, as far as you playing during the AAU circuit consistently, as well as you being invited to the Lebron James skills academy, the Nike top 100, and The NBA Top 100 camp.  All these camps are invite only camps reserved for the best in the country why didn’t you attend.

 “I hurt my achilles in March the camps were all in June,  I couldn’t run or jump, I wanted to attend all prestigious events to show and prove that I’m still one of the best players in my class.” 

What do you say to those who question your work ethic, and your drive to play hard every possession?

I didn’t know my work ethic was in question, I workout 5 days a week, on all aspects of my game.  And continue to improve on all weaknesses of my game.  I just let my game do the talking, players play and coaches coach I do my part and leave the rest up to the critics lol. 

Do the rankings bother you at all, most of all do the rankings make you want to work harder because you have dropped ?

“No its just a number at the end of the day, I was taught at a young age to always strive to be #1. I try not to get caught up with that stuff cause one day they say you’re a pro and when you have a bad game they say you don’t work hard, lol its to confusing.”

You are part of the Long Island Lighting AAU program correct ?  What has been the best part of being with that program?

“Being around experienced coaches, who played at a high level and most of all people who care about kids.”

What schools are you considering that are actively recruiting you? Do you have a list ?

“Yes I have a list In no order Villanova, UConn, UK, Texas, Florida, and Louisville.”

Do you have a timeframe you think you would commit to a school?  What are the factors that will be most important in your eventual college decision?

 “At the end of the high school season I will sit down with my parents and coaches and choose a school that will prepare me for the next level academically and athletically.” 

 -MY PRO COMPARISON:  Kevin Durant


-GAME DAY MUSIC:  French Montana, Vado, Meek Mills

-THREE PEOPLE I’D LIKE TO MEET:  Lebron, Kevin Durant, Carmelo

-MY PHONE:  Blackberry





– Finish the sentence: You would never know but I know how to ______________ Draw !

Thanks Kuran

“Thank you for having me, I’m loving the site.”