Kahlil “Radio” Dukes Finds A Home Away From Home

If Kahlil Dukes had any bit of a doubt about his pledge to USC then it went out the window with his recent visit to the Southern California campus.

“Unbelievable, God knew what he was doing,” Dukes said when asked about his visit.

“The experience was crazy, just unbelievable. LA is a very unique place; I met Candace Parker and Kristi Toliver at the Garden Center at SC because the LA Sparks were practicing in our arena.”

Dukes was like a kid in a candy store as he spent all weekend tweeting pictures of his trip.

“I met Matt Barkley, quarterback of SC and future NFL draft pick. Quincy Jones performed in my hotel lobby.”

Kahlil Dukes told HDM that he felt like he was at home away from home.

“The campus was beautiful. The coaches are more like brothers than dads. The players were mad cool. I only laugh so much with grown men when I’m with my uncle and his friends, and that’s true family.”

“They treated me like I was already there, even though I am committed,” Dukes said.

Basketball is a sport that’s played 365 days out of the year and Kahlil Dukes Knows that.

”I requested to workout instead of go to the party with the guys and they gave me the assistant manager and he helped me workout. He took me in a cab back to the hotel and they all just took care of me.”

“The football game was sold out, 100,000 fans. It’s a huge family, and i’m happy to be a Trojan.”

kahlil also picked up a nickname while in California.

“Coach Cantu was calling me radio all weekend, says i talk to much and he cant turn me off lol.”

Kahlil Dukes plans to sign his NLI in November.


USC Lands One of New Englands Best From 2013 class

What better way to celebrate a successful AAU season than being able to make a selection on your college destination?

After playing in his final game of his AAU career in Las Vegas at the Adidas Super 64, Kahlil “Mr. All or Nothing” Dukes had some time to think about his next move and decided to give USC a verbal commitment.

“The commitment they showed, USC showed up to every single one of my live period games since April” said a humble Dukes in a phone interview. Coach Oneill, my mom and head coach at Capital Prep had a conversation and we decided that USC was the best fit for me”

Kahlil was excited to play basketball at the next level but never once mentioned the NBA instead he was focused on academics.

“I feel like the coaching staff will help me get better but another reason why I chose USC was to get a degree,” he says. “I want to get my degree in cinematric arts and work for hollywood.”

Back in April ( Kahlil told us “I just want to be in the same sentence as those high major guys”, and he did just that.

Dukes also had some inspiring words for those young prospects with Hoop Dreams.

“Just never leave any doubt, always go out and get after what you want.” 

Dukes runs with CBC during the spring/summer on the AAU circuit which has produced high level point guards such as Freddie Wilson(Seton Hall), Kris Dunn(Providence ) and Phil Gaetano(Sacred Heart). You can now add Kahlil Dukes to that list.

                                                                                    (photo courtesy of Hartford Courant)

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Elite 75 Standout Players

2013 Standouts

Kuran Iverson, As other media outlets turned there backs on the once #2 player in the country Hoop Dreams Magazine stood by his side while crowning him the #1 player in New England in the class of 2013.  Iverson can score with the best of them, while playing point forward keeps his teammates involved by consistently beating his defender off the dribble.  Iverson’s jump shoot looked better and it also seems like he has visited the weight room, David Stern will know his name if he continues to improve.

Kamali Bey, One word can describe his play, Efficient. Bey once herald as one of the state of Massachusetts up and coming gems, was sidelined by an injury that held the star out of action for quite some time.  Now back in action Bey showed why he was given that tag, scored the ball like he was playing horse with his little brother bucket after bucket.  Whichever program lands Bey will be more then satisfied.

Andrew Chrabascz, we like to call him the glue. He makes it work no matter the situation, back to the basket, or slashing down the lane for a two-hand dunk.  Chrabascz has the tools to play at any level because of his will to compete.  Has developed a mid range game as of lately.

Kahil Dukes, the sharp shooter is a volume shooter, but is also a shot maker.  Showed his point guard skills by keeping his team involved while taking over when the time was needed.  Dukes plan to have a top 5 by August and plans to decide which school he plans to attend

Sam Donahue left the event as one of the best shooters in the building; Donahue missed few shots, as he was red hot from the three-point arc. The downtown sniper used the one dribble pull-up to create space, which often freed up his teammates for wide open shoots.

2014 Standouts

Jared Terrell, showed why he is being recruited heavily as one of the best (SG) in the country, Terrell scored in all shapes and fashions. Pull up jumpers, three pointers from all over the court, as well as  his continued growth of athleticism by finishing with loud dunks. Terrell looks to have added more muscle to his already college ready body.

Elijah Rogers has been playing with a chip on his shoulder for the past few events that we have seen him in.  Rogers has gain more athleticism to go along with his consistent attacking style, Rogers plays hard on both ends of the floor.  Needs to develop a solid  mid range game to continue being a threat.

Paschal Chukwu, played to a different beat then he usually does, challenged all shots at the rim, as well as changed shots.  Has started to develop a consistent right hand jump hook, which looks to be his go to move at times.


Abdul Malik Abu, Once again proved that he belongs in the conversation as one of the top 50 players in the 2014 class.  Abu mixed it up today and gave us a preview of his step out three point game. Abu made more then eight three pointers throughout 5 on 5 play.  Not to mention his fearless loud dunks in traffic, Abu has great upper body strength, which allows him to score through contact; a go two move or two would help him scratch his potential.

Bonzie Colson showed his toughness while playing against bigger defenders, has a great feel for the game as he uses the rim to feed off the shot blocker.  What he lacks in size is equaled off by the size of his heart, never one to back down his upside looks great.

Damion Smith the do it all guard, scored rebounded and assisted on half of his teams points, we like to call him the “Junk yard Dog” as he has a great nose for the ball and plays hard from start to finish.  Has to strengthen his ball handling skills along with his jump shot which has looked better lately.

2015 Standouts

Bruce Brown, Showed why he has been declared the next one, showed high level athletic moves.  With a developed jump shot Brown will be a name to remember.

Terrance Mann has a great IQ for the game, both offensively and defensively Mann has the tools to become a high major prospect.  Strength is a concern at a young age; Mann has to be able to finish through the contact, a younger Gerard Coleman.

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 7.45.11 AM

Getting To Know Kahlil Dukes

What would you say If you opened up your local sports page and read that the local kid was averaging 22 points, 4 assists, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals per game and shooting 55% from the field, 60% from inside the 3, and 40% from 3? You would say the player must be nationally ranked and probably has every high major college coach fighting for his services.

Well let us introduce you to Kahlil Dukes who is a 6’0 floor general for Capital Prep in Connecticut. Dukes runs with CBC during the spring/summer on the AAU circuit which has produced high level guards such as Freddie Wilson(Seton Hall), Kris Dunn(Providence Commit) and Phil Gaetano(Sacred Heart). Kahlil Dukes now takes over the reigns as point guard for CBC and is loooking to prove himself on the AAU circuit this year. Take some time out and get to know Dukes.

How was your season?

My season went well, for those who do not know I go to Capital Prep in Hartford, CT. A lot of people ask if that is a prep school, it is not. It is a magnet school in a public school league. I led my team to the state title game, ended up losing by 14 but it was a great season, we made history for a school that’s only 7 years old and I’m proud of my teammates, coaches, and my school. By far my most successful, efficient season.

How is it playing for CBC?

I am still playing for CBC, been playing since I was eight years old and they have always taken care of me. I made a name for myself playing alongside Kris Dunn, Andre Drummond and this year I get to fill their shoes. It’s going to be a fun summer and I’m looking forward to competing against the best players in the country and seeing where all this training will take me.

You come from a long line of CBC PG’s, How does it feel to be looked at as the next big PG to come out of CT?

Feels alright, I know who has come before me so I just set my mentality higher to do the things that they couldn’t do or didn’t do.

How much of a impact did guys like Kris Dunn have on you and your game?

With Kris, I am very close with him. He’s been my mentor, my admiration, and just like a big brother to me. I think I was able to understand him and kind of grow off of him more because I played with him and watched him blow up, and it inspired me to do the exact same thing or better.

What’s your goals for the spring/summer before heading into your senior year?

My goals for this spring and summer are to just see where all this training will take me. I have trained hard, and worked myself into a mid major player according to how my recruitment is going, and I just want to be in the same sentence as those high major guys. I feel like I can compete with them, and Kris has given me this mentality to be unsatisfied with everything. I could have just said to myself “okay you’re a mid major player”, but I told myself that I work hard enough to be in the conversation of high major schools and players and that’s what I want to do with my recruitment and image this spring and this summer.

What’s are some areas of your game you think need improvement?

I definitely need to keep improving my body strength and athleticism, staying patient on defense, and staying efficient on offense. I feel like when I just let the game come to me, I play a lot better. If I improve on those things, I’ll be right where I want to be.

How’s recruitment going?

My recruitment has been going well. I’ve gotten offers from Rice, Princeton, Saint Bonaventure, Robert Morris, Sacred Heart, Quinnipiac, Vermont, Saint Peters, Stony Brook and Fairfield. Northeastern and LeHigh are close to offering, probably will this spring.  Rider, Central Florida, and Providence have shown interest.

 Outside of basketball what are some things youre into?

 Sleeping, Music, and just spending time and laughing with those who are close to me.

Don’t watch TV, I’m trying to get on TV

 Biggest supporters and influences in your life?

Coach Levy, Coach JR, Coach Smith, Capital Prep, Steve Perry, Coach Fulton, Coach Millsap, my school teammates, Kris Dunn, Andre Drummond, the whole CBC, CJ Morrison, everybody who ever helped me workout and succeed in the classroom, My uncle Mikey and my whole family, and Bria Holmes.

 What’s a day like in Kahlil Dukes shoes?

Wake up, go to school, workout, go home, shower, pray, wash clothes, sleep and do it all over again.

I just want to get where I deserve to be