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Jarvis Garrett chooses URI

Jarvis Garrett a resident of Milwaukie Wisconsin made his way to New England more then two years ago, landing feet first on the campus of Notre Dame Prep school located in Fitchburg Mass.  There he would take the region by storm, by becoming one of the best guards the region has seen in quite some time.

Leading Notre Dame Prep for the last few seasons at the point, Garrett has blossomed into one of the best 2014 guards available.

Garrett along with his Notre Dame Prep team participated in the this years Hoop Dreams Magazine Prep Classic, University of Rhode Island’s Preston Murphy was front and center, along with Marquette and a slew of others wanting Garrett’s services but at the end Garrett gave a verbal commitment to URI today.

“I picked URI because I felt welcomed, I felt wanted and I just felt it would be the best option for me”

When asked when did he know he wanted to be a RAM, Garrett states, “ I knew this past weekend, I’ve just been really thinking about a lot of the things & at the end I just feel this was the best spot”

Murphy ‘s reputation as a first class relentless recruiter who continues to find himself at Garrett’s games.  Has been rewarded with one of the best point guards left on the board.  URI has now assembled a great backcourt for the future in E.C. Matthews and now Jarvis Garrett.


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