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ESPN Top 50 Prospect Abdul Malik-Abu Summer Mixtape

Abdul Malik-Abu is a 6’8 forward that attends Kimball Union Academy  in New Hampshire. Malik-Abu is one of the most highly recruited players in the Northeast. Malik-Abu will look to carry this momentum into the prep season. The sky is the limit for this class of 2014 prospect who has developed a face up game. With over 30 + offers look for this young man to jump in the rankings. Thomas Robinson 2.o


Georges Niang “The Winner”

When recruting a kid to become a member of your team, first and foremost you want a player with a great work ethic.  Secondly you want a player with potential to be great, and more importantly you want a winner.  ladies and gentlemen we introduce to you Georges Niang.

Georges is not your typical 6′ 7″ athletic freak, he is more of your 6′ 7″ “BEAST” Niang is as skilled as they come, an automatic 2 points once the ball gets thrown into him from below the box.  One ESPN evaluator states “Georges has a wide arsenal of offensive moves featuring every pivot and counter move in the book as well as a soft touch over either shoulder. Niang is equally dangerous on the perimeter as he has picture perfect shooting mechanics and is a very dangerous catch and shoot threat all the way out to the three-point line.”

Georges has been winning since he first stepped on the scene, winning countless championships from day one at the Tilton School,  dating back to 2009, 2010 Class B Championship and this yea an 2011 Class AA Chamionship.  Not to mention winning with his AAU team BABC  as they won the 10th grade nationals in 2010 and this year an Nike Peach Jam Championship.

The kid is just a winner  by nature, even beyond aau Georges wins, I honestly have not seen him lose.  That says alot for a player who has played against the top high school basketball players for the majority of his life.  In our opnion evaluators across the country were sleep at the wheel by not including Georges in the top 100 before his breakout season.  Iowa State seen what most of us didn’t and took the horse and ran.  We spoke with Georges and got an inside view of the “Winner”

Why did you choose Iowa State?

“I felt that the oppurtunity at Iowa State was the best situation for me I fell in love with the campus and have a great relationship with the coaching staff.”

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

“I feel my strengths are scoring and spreading the defense out and having a high basketball IQ my weakness probably would be my body and conditioning those are things I’m working on.”

Is there an NBA player that people say you resemble?

“I would say Kevin Love I watch films on him all the time he’s so crafty and tough.”

What does the words BABC mean to You ?

“BABC has done alot for me it has done so much for me but it means family to me and a lasting tradition of just winning championships you leave the program knowing how to win.”

How intense are your practices at Tilton with all the big time players you guys have?

“Practices at Tilton are pretty intense they are real competitive because no one wants to lose whether its a rebounding drill or a 5 on 5 scrimmage.”

How did AAU Change your life?

“AAU changed my life because it gave me the oppurtunity to travel all across the country and play the most talented teams everywhere so i can say that i have played against the best kids my age in America which not too many other people can say.”

Tell the readers about Georges off the court?

“Georges off the court is a real funny kid always looking to have a good time like to hang with my friends but usually just listening to Moufy.”

Who did you try to pattern your game after, while growing up?

“While growing up i use to try to pattern my game after Michael Jordan until I realized I was a big man lol”

Who is your biggest supporter?

“My family and my basketball coach’s Leo Papile Marcus O’neil and Rick Gorman.”

Describe your high school coach in one word?


Describe your AAU coach in one word?

“A winner”

What are you going to miss the most about AAU?

“Traveling around with the guys the fun times outside of basketball just hanging out.”


Thanks for having me, Georges