Makhtar Gueye: The Secret

We first seen Makhtar Gueye more then five months ago, before he became a national target, tucked away in the Winchendon  School Ma the 6’9″ do it all forward screamed potential.  He moved like a guard, and rebounded like a power forward, his off the dribble jumpshot was a tool that he used often which made him a threat for bigger defenders.

Born and raised in Senegal West Africa, Gueye came to the states with one goal and one goal only.  To be the best player he could possible be, and to make his parents and his country proud.  He started playing basket ball 4 years ago in a Academy name SEEDS Academy in Senegal, before that he was playing Soccer.  Fast forward the hands of time and now he stands before you as one of the country’s best kept secrets.  With offers from Marquette, Rutgers, Depaul, Creighton, UAB, and UCONN

When asked about his goals for the AAU season, Gueye was to the point  “To become a better player.  I’m looking to compete at a high level and get offers from big school like UK, Duke, Louisville, Texas,etc.. and win the chips”

“My favorite Player is Kevin Durant. Because since I started playing basketball everybody used to tell me I look like him, we have the same style of game, he was skinny when he was in HS and as you can see so Im I lol.”

“The strongest aspect of my game is I’m tall and can play on the perimeter and go by the big man that usually guards me, and also I can run the floor well and get easy buckets”

Who is the thought player you have played against?
“Well I will say I faced many though players since I got here last year in Nike Global challenge, like Malik Monk, Miles Bridges and other player from USA team, because they were much more ready than I was and more stronger thats why they were a really hard challenge to play against then. But I did play hard and impose my self”

Who would you want to have dinner with ?
“Kevin Durant because I always watch his documentary and we have so many things in common,  so I really want to sit with him and share my story and get advices from him as a person not as just a basket ball player”

Describe yourself in one WORD: “Thoughtless. Because doesn’t matter who I play against I will play hard and impose my will”


2016 Northeast Hoops Festival

Northeast Hoops Festival


16u Standouts


Metro Boston 5’10 PG Jayden Depina (2018)- Depina was another guard the caught our eye. He has good speed and appears confident when handling the ball. He uses strength to finish off plays but can also make good passing decisions with the ball. Depina was key in Metro Boston win against New England Playaz.


Expressions Elite 6’7 Dana Tate (2018)- Tate has enormous talent and upside. He has good bounce, size and can play multiple positions. I like how he creates off the bounce and will knock down the open jumper, post up smaller defenders.



NE Playaz 6’2 Ethan Wright (2018)- When Wright attacked the basket most defenders bounced off his body. Wright was strong enough to absorb that contact and finish. He was extremely tough to stop even in transition.


NE Playaz 6’8 Nate Laszewski(2018)- Long lanky wing that showed the ability to knock down deep, long range shots. Laszewski has all the tools to play at the high major level.


Expressions 6’7 Philmon Gebrewhit(2018)- Gebrewhit has good size for a combo guard. He can fill it up in the scoring column and he gets it in a variety of ways. Scoring comes easy to him and he scores from all three levels in addition to the FT line. If needed Gebrewhit has good enough ball handling and passing ability that he can play the PG.


Mass Rivals 6’5 AJ Reeves(2018)- Reeves continues to show why he is one of the top shooters in the region. Scoring from a multitude of levels. Reeves continues to fill out his frame showing he is an elite prospect in the class of 2018.


Metro Boston 6’0 Ghared Boyce(2018)- We saw him drive hard to the basket and finish with either hand, through contact. He competes on the defensive end and rebounds from the guard position well. He can move over to the point for short periods of time when needed.


Expressions 6’2 Marcus Zegarowski(2018)- Zegarowski was pound for pound the best point guard at the 16u level throughout the event. His ability to make shots from all over the floor, incredible vision while attacking gaps of the defense Zegarowski has all the tools to play at a high major level.




Class of 2018 MIAA Preseason Players To Watch List

The Class of 2018 is loaded with talent and look for some of these players to lead their teams to a state title run. 6’6 F Chris Doherty is the obvious front runner for top Sophomore in the MIAA. But don’t be surprised if 6’4 G Brycen Goodine puts up record breaking numbers, as he leads Bishop Stang to a title run.

Class of 2018


6’4 Brycen Goodine(Bishop Stang) First, let’s start with the frame, as at 6-5 with long arms and a wiry frame, Goodine has basically a prototypical body for an NBA guard. But it’s more the skill set he has that is so intriguing. Goodine has the skills of a guard on the floor and can guard multiple positions. Goodine is our Preseason breakout player of the year.

6’1 Paul Durkee( Shrewsbury High) Durkee can flat out shoot it from all over the floor. He can score in bunches and has a knack of driving in gaps and facilitating to teammates.

6’9 Tommy Oneil(St Johns Prep) The biggest improvement here has to be in his body. At 6-9 with a 7-1ish wingspan, Oneil always had the frame to be play at the highest level. He’s a tremendously talented offensive player who has always been able to score at all three levels due to his soft touch.

5’10 Tenahj Pettway(Central Catholic) His biggest strength right now is his ability to shoot. His athleticism and first step are also pretty strong, and it allows him to attack closeouts well on offense and slow down opposing slashers on defense.

 6’6 Chris Doherty(Marlboro High)- At 6-6 with long arms, he’s a good shot-blocker who has good timing and pretty solid explosiveness. Above all, his motor is absolutely top-notch and you can trust him to never quit on a play or on a ball. Doherty is the top returning sophomore in the state.

6’4 Kenneth Araujo(Fenway High) First and foremost, he is an elite rebounder that has good fundamentals in boxing out opponents and has good hands that he can trust to come down with the ball. Look for Araujo to put Fenway High School on the map this season


MIAA Preseason Players to Watch 2019

So many talented players have came through the MIAA rankings. Here is a look at our Preseason Freshman to watch list. We are featuring four freshman from all over the state of Massachusetts. Tune in tomorrow as we will feature the Class of 2018 preseason players to watch list.

Class of 2019

Taelon Martin(Putnam Springfield, MA)- The 6’1 PG shows high major athleticism and all the tools to immediately impact the high school game.

Chris Camille(Brookline High)- At 6’5 he’s already a really good athlete who can get past defenders, score at all three levels, and get out into transition. Look for Camille to breakout this season

Rivaldo Soares( O’Bryant)- Soares has already broke out after an incredible fall while running with his Expressions Elite squad. The 6’3 Soares already played varsity as an 8th grader and showed the ability to knock down shots off the catch or off the dribble  and his footwork is absolutely pristine to the point that he can get that shot off from every angle.

Quest Harris(Lowell High)- The highly talented point guard he’s a strong passer, and can handle the ball in side pick-and-rolls to initiate offense. Plus, he’s a good defender showing he can contribute right away.




Kicks One Seven All-Star Game Invitation

Kicks One Seven All Star Game (Boston, MA)

The premier Boston Sneaker Show and National Basketball Middle School/High School All Star Game
takes place at the landmark Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, in the heart of Boston’s most historic neighborhood on November 14, 2015. Kicks One Seven Sneaker Convention is the most recent addition for the Boston sneaker connoisseur looking to buy, sell, and trade some of the most exclusive sneakers in the world. This is the must attend event for all sneakerheads, or for those that appreciate the culture. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 1.27.42 AM

Zero Gravity “Beast of the East” Standouts

6’6 Chris Doherty(2018)NE Playaz- Was a man amongst boys as he single handedly earned his squad a championship this past weekend. Doherty has improved his footwork and ability to finish with both hands around the rim.

6’7 Dana Tate Jr. (2018) Expressions- Tate was one of the most dominant scorers to come through this event. He had back to back games in which he scored in the 20s. He too strong and skilled on this level for most at this level.

6’5 Chuck Hannah(2018) NE Playaz- A powerful forward built like a linebacker. He handles enough to bust through the defense and finish at the cup. He plays the game with a high motor and is a constant force on the glass. His strength and aggressiveness was a major force at this event.

6’6 Dyondre Dominguez(2019) NE Playaz- He has the size to be effective at the forward slot but also handles the ball like a guard. He also knows how to create space off the bounce which could also led to a step back trey ball.

6’9 Tommy Oneil(2018) Expressions-He showed the ability to put moves together and finish at the cup. He had the court presence to use his body to negate shot blockers and score the ball. He also showed great effort in hitting the glass.

5’10 Thomas Shaugnessy Middlesex Magic- He went at any opposing guard that was in his circumference and had his way. I like his speed, court vision and ability to score himself.

6’5 Chris Camille(2019) Expressions- has developed his ball handling and uses it to dance pat defenders and finish at the tin. He has a wide frame and has the body control to maneuver around shot blockers. Once he gets on a scoring streak he’s tough to low down.

6’3 Nyzair Rountree(2018) Expressions- Rountree was scoring in bunches, but what really caught my eye was his improved ball handling, range and play making ability. I can clearly see that this kid has been putting the work in at the gym.

5’10 Devon Ford(2019) NE Playaz- He had a few games where he lit up the score boards. I like his natural feel for the game and the way he turned up his play when needed.

6’7 Phil Gebrewhit(2018) Expressions- Gebrewhit has a style that helps him get through defenders and finish at the tin. He also has enough wiggle to get rid of smaller guards that attempt to check him.

6’3 Charles Whipple(2018) NE Playaz- Is a sharp shooting guard that isn’t afraid of launching the rock from anywhere. His mid-range game was on display and he showed the ability to get away from defenders off the dribble.

6’3 Daman Tate(2019) Expressions- He’s one of the best finishers around and has stepped up his game on the defensive end.Tate knows how to use his body to finish through contact.


Philmon Gebrehiwet reclassifying into 2018

Expressions Elite announced on Wednesday Philmon Gebrehiwet will be transferring from New Mission High School in Massachusetts to The Holderness School and reclassifying to 2018 in the process.

Gebrehiwet is a six-foot-seven wing that adds to an already talented young core in the rising junior class with Sukhmail Mathon, and senior Thomas Jackson.

Gebrehiwet is a long wing with the ability to play at the highest level, Gebrehiwet played with Expressions Elite this season making a name for himself on the national level while playing amongst the best grassroots talent in the country EYBL.  Expressions Elite was one of Nike’s only 16u teams that participated in each all of Nike’s sessions.  Gebrehiwet was selected to participate in the national invitational Nike Top 100 camp, after great reviews he now has the attention of national media outlets.

Philmon currently holds offers from Creighton, and UMASS for the class of 2017, look for him to jump into the national spotlight while in the class of 2018.



Hoop Group Elite Session 2 Standouts

Hoop Group Elite Camp Session 2 Standouts
Hoopdreamsmag was at Hoop Group Elite Camp Session 2 this past week. Some of the top AAU programs in the country were well represented throughout the duration of the week. Here is a look at the top class of 2018 Standouts.


6’6 Isiah Mucius(2018) A long and Silky smooth playmaker showing the ability to score in a multitude of ways.


6’7 Dana Tate (2018) Fresh off an offer from Brown University Tate showed dominance throughout the entire camp. 6’7 with guard skills and a high motor on the glass makes Tate a high major prospect.


6’3 G Calvin Whipple (2018) Whipple showed he is a long range shooting elite prospect. Whipple shot the ball well from behind the arc and has shown increased athleticism.


6’7 Nate Leswiscz(2018) Arguably has the most potential in the class of 2018. Leswicsz can score from all over the floor, having some big games on the offensive end during camp.


6’6 Preston Santos (2018) Santos was sensational all weekend scoring, facilitating and rebounding at a high level. A plethora of Division one schools were following Santos throughout the week.


6’3 Jalen Carey (2018) Carey is a high major athlete with an incredible motor on both ends of the floor.


6’8 Arashma Parks (2018) Parks is a big-bodied player with good hands and feet in the post. Parks continues to develop his face up game but showed signs of improvement.


6’7 Jake Glenzen(2018) Glenzen is your protypical big man with good skills in the post. Glenzen continues to improve his athleticism.


6’9 Tommy O’Neil (2018) O’Neil is long and very skilled for his size. O’Neil showed the ability to break down defenders off the dribble and shot it well from behind the arc. He has all the tools of a high major prospect.


6’11 Sean Good (2018) Good is an intriguing prospect with elite level skills and sneaky athleticism. Good continued to play his best basketball towards the end of the camp.


5’10 Anthony Harris(2018) Harris showed high level athleticism and the ability to get to the rim when needed. Harris really impressed with his playmaking skills throughout camp.


6’5 David Mitchell (2018) Mitchell was one of the top scorers in his class. Mitchell can score from an assortment of ways. Mitchell most impressed us with his ability to score from long range.


Zero Gravity Nationals 15u Standouts

6’5 David Mitchell Mass Rivals-Quickness and strength is the trademark of Mitchell.  He likes to create contact in traffic. Mitchell was a threat on Saturday, showing the ability to score from all over the court.

5’10 G Maurice Works BABC-  Works best attribute today was his abiltiy to knock down the 3-point shot.  If you sit on his shot, he will break you down off the dribble and create for his teammates. He is a winner.

6’7 G Dana Tate Expressions- Tate is a big-bodied slasher who knows how to use his body to create space. His ability to finish through contact makes him a consistent scorer.  He loves to start the break after a rebound and his unselfish play creates easy buckets for others. High Major potential.

6’5 F Javon Jones Mass Rivals-  From either forward position, the 6’5″ Just is a true threat.  He has a remarkable quiver full of deadly post moves and can take you off the bounce.

5’10 PG Shandon Brown BABC-  Brown is a soild PG who can flat out score the rock.  His ball handling is on point and loves getting the ball ahead on the fastbreak

6’4 G AJ Reeves Mass Rivals-  Reeves is a guard that looks to attack the paint and facilitate. He knows when to be selfish and score and when he does look for his shot it usually is a high percentage shot in the paint or a hesitation move to a pull-up midrange.

6’5 G Kiyon Boyd DC Owls-  Boyd was arguably the top performer in the 15u age group. Only 14 years old the freshman starts for Dunbar high school in Maryland. Boyd put up numerous 30 point performances and showed high major potential.

6’3 G Nyzair Rountree Expressions- Highlight after highlight.  Rountree has high major leaping ability.  Over and over again he deflected perimeter passes and once he gets on the break it was a highlight.  The slashing guard is most dangerous when he is absorbing contact.

6’5 F Cole Swider BABC- Swider dropped numerous shots from beyond the arc.  He can shoot both off the catch and after a couple dribbles. Swider put up some big numbers for his BABC squad.

6’6 G Preston Santos Expressions- Santos loves to play both ends of the floor and does it well. He also showed he can guard multiple positions, his ability to score the ball by shooting from different spots and getting to the rim when he wanted showed he is a strong player and is getting even stronger.

5’10 PG Noah Fernandes NE Playaz- He runs the team and puts guys where they need to be for the team to be successful. He has great change of speed when he is being guard and he displayed a nice mid-range jump shot over the weekend.

6’1 Paul Durkee BABC- This week he was probably one of the best shooters in the gym in the whole tournament. He use so many ways to score the ball. he gets out in transition and stretches the floor and knocks down corner and wing jump shots.

6’1 G Ethan Wright NE Playaz- Wright is a lethal scorer who desperately wants to win.  His competitive spirit hides behind the mask of relaxation. Wright can shoot it from all the floor and loves taking advantage of smaller players guarding him.

6’9 F Tommy Oneil Expressions- Oneil was one of the more impressive young players we saw all weekend long.  He’s a good athlete, great rebounder and can affect the game on both ends. His post game is advanced for a player his age and showed the ability to break down defenders and score off the bounce.

6’5 Rakeesh Tibby NE Playaz- Tibby moves very well.  He already incorporated an effortless baby hook.  He has good footwork and his touch in traffic is excellent.

6’6 F Daniel Oladapo DC Owls- Oladapo already holds an offer from Towson and Penn State. The Big man has incredible footwork and high major athleticism. Oladapo had numerous dunks and high level plays above the rim.

5’10 PG Kwane Taylor Expressions- One of the more pure point guards in this weekends tournament, Taylor reads pick’n’rolls very well.  When he executes the play it quickly led to easy layups for his teammates. Taylor also showed the ability to consistently score from behind the arc.










NERR Super 16 Standouts

2016 EJ Crawford- Crawford is  a high major scorer. At one point hit 4 consecutive three point shots to bring his USAD team to victory

2016 Rawle Atkins(New Rens) Fresh off of his Kentucky offer Rawle Atkins impressed everyone in the gym. 6’5, super athletic and highly skilled. Atkins is a Top 30 prospect and on the incline

2017 Jose Alvarado(New Rens) is an elite guard that can facilitate and score at a high level. A mid major prospect and rising

2016 Matt Dewolfe(Middlesex Magic) His motor and size allowed him to dominate the paint while scoring with ease.

2018 Tyler Bourne(New Heights) When this kid is clicking he looks like a top 5  point guard in the country. His strength combined with great dribbling skills and penetrating ability makes him a special player to watch.

2018 Dana Tate(Expressions Elite) 6’7 with guard skills Tate appeared to be a good prospect last season but this year he leaped to the next level. The tools and athleticism he showed this weekend were unmatched. He might have shot into the Top 50 in the country.

2016 Mustapha Heron(New Rens) Heron usually handles most of the scoring load but this weekend got some help from his teammates. The big guard average close to 18 points a game and continues to keep his name among the elite players in the nation.

2017 Thomas Murphy(NE Playaz) Murphy was dominant playing in the 16u age bracket but, more impressive was his improved footwork and touch around the basket. He was able to gain good low post position, seal defenders and court in the paint. He’s a big target and possess the soft hands needed to catch and finish.

2018 Nyzair Rountree(Expressions Elite) Rountree went to work throughout the weekend and really shined in his teams pool play blowing out teams. Rountree scored a few buckets but played more of a facilitator role for his Expressions squad.

2016 Wenyen Gabriel(Mass Rivals) Gabriel continues to improve as he has all of the size, athleticism and skills to play at a high level. Look for Gabriel to continue impressing throughout the summer.