National Prep Showcase: All Tournament Teams

As we wrap up the National Prep Showcase we bring to you the All Tournament Teams by class.

All Tournament Team 2012

Semaj Christon 6’2″ (Brewster Academy) Xavier  – One of the best point guards in the class, scores in so many ways, when jump-shot develops will have a chance to make a living from distributing the pig skin.

NPS: Showed that he belongs in the conversation as one of the top five point guards in the class.


Ricardo Ledo 6’6″ (South Kent CT) Providence  – One of Americas premier scores, shoots the ball out to the NBA three-point arc, and finishes above the rim like a future NBA player would.  hard to believe that there are twenty one people in America better then Ledo.

NPS: the fire department was called on day 1 of the showcase from Ledo going off for 37 points

JaKarr Sampson 6’8″ (Brewster Academy) – Athletic as they come, finishes well in transition, if you don’t box out he will reward you with a poster.  with developing jump – shot Sampson has a chance to play after college.

NPS: Made several highlight plays, knocked down the improved jumper.


TJ Warren 6’8″ (Brewster Academy) NC State – Doesn’t pass the athletic test, noor the look test, but don’t be fooled he passes the production test and that’s all that matters.  Scores with the best of them, time and time again.

NPS: Scored at will, and showed flashes of his off-season conditioning with coach Josh and the vertimax.


Montrezl Harrell 6’8″ (Hargrave Military Academy) Virginia Tech – A complete monster, plays with passion in the paint, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and do all the little things in order to get the team win.

NPS: Proved to be a player that can help VT as soon as he steps on campus.



                          Honorable Mention

Mitch McGary 6’10” (Brewster Academy) – didn’t produce as he usually does, but his rebounding and energy where never in question.

Myles Davis 6’3″ (Notre Dame Prep) – One of the better shooters in the class, Xavier got another steal.

Sam Cassell Jr. 6’4″ (Notre Dame Prep) – Shot the ball extremely well, has a knack for scoring

Ethan O’Day 6’9″ (Northfield Mount Hermon) – Was near perfect this weekend, Vermont got a steal

Mike Tobey 6’11” (Blair Academy) – Scored with every post move there was, left or right it didn’t matter


All Tournament Team: 2013

Jaylen Brantley 5’10” (Wilberham & Monson) – A true coach on the floor, as well as a bull eyes shooter, Brantley can control a team and make sure all teammates get involved.

NPS: ran the show for coach Sparks, mixed it up with a variety of moves and jumpers.


Chris Thomas 6’5″ (South Kent)- A scoring guard who can score with the best of them, can mix it up with the long ball or finish at the rim.

NPS: Scored the ball as he always does on day 2, seems like him and Ledo switched roles on day 2.


Nerlens Noel 6’9″ (Tilton School) – The eraser has added a demotions to his game, dribble moves from the perimeter to the basket.  Also developing his mid range jump shot, has NBA timing when blocking shots.

NPS: Showed his versatility by putting the ball to the floor from the wing and finished with both hands.


Goodluck Okonobh 6’8″ (Tilton School) – One of the better shot blockers in the class, Had nice low post moves and can hit the fifth-teen foot jump shot.

NPS: Finished above the rim in transition, controlled the paint like a corrections officer.


Dominic Woodson 6’10″(Vermont Academy) – Can stretch the defence out with his perimeter skill set, can also get his hands dirty in the low post.

NPS: Showed why he is on top of the recruiting board, can take slower bigs out to the top of the key and shoot it.



All Tournament Team: 2014

Johnnie Vassar 6’0  (La Lumiere School) – Quick guard who is very athletic, a great on ball defender

NPS: Played with great poise and under control, shoot the ball well



Jared Terrell 6’3″ (New Hampton) – A flat out scorer who attacks the basket, as good as anyone in his class.

NPS: Showcased his point guard skills, and showed that he belonged in the conversation of top players in the class.


Wayne Selden 6’5″ (Tilton School) – Explosive as they come, improved on his outside shot.

NPS: Didn’t score much, but we all know what he is capable of, his presence was felt.


Noah Vonleh 6’7″  (New Hampton) – Can score inside and outside, and rebounds like he is in college already.

NPS: Dennis Rodman like, Vonleh’s long term potential is scary, with his size and skill,  the sky is the limit.


Johnathon Wilkins  6’10” (La Lumiere School) – Remember the name will be a big time player, great shot blocking abilities.

NPS: Changed shoots and started the break from his defensive energy.




National Prep Showcase – Day 1 Recap

Lee Academy (ME) 70, Fork Union Military Academy (VA) 63

Game #1: National Prep Showcase Lee Academy faced off with Military Academy, Lee was lead by Drew Crudup scored 20 points, while Brandon Neel finished the game with 21 points and 13 rebounds.

Hargrave Military Academy (VA) 115, Notre Dame Prep (MA) 91

Game #2: Xavier-bound Myles Davis had 6 three-pointers in the first half of play, Davis finished with 26 point.  Hargrave proved to be to big inside for Notre Dame, as they pounded the ball inside to Montrezl Harrell,who finished with 27 points and seven rebounds.

Bridgton Academy (ME) 74, St. John’s Military Academy (WI) 71

Game #3: Bridgton compeated from the tip and proved to be better prepared for tonight’s contest,. St. John’s-bound wing Amir Garrett finished with 17 points and nine rebounds.  Aaron Ross (18 points, eight rebounds) countered with two free-throws at the other end. Malik Nichols then came back for Bridgton with lay-up off of a spin-move, sealing the game for his team. Jacoby Davis also had 18 point and eight rebounds for St. John’s.

St. Thomas More (CT) 83, Fishburne Military School (VA) 56

Game #4: St.  Thomas More proved to be to much as they took a command early and never looked back.  top scores included Rodney Sanders 13 points, Barrington Stephens 12 points AJ English11 points.

South Kent School (CT) 94, La Jolla Prep (CA) 74

Game #5  Ricardo Ledo 37 points, five assists, four rebounds made a statement, he sought out to prove that there where not 21 people in his class better then him.  He scored from start to finish in all fashions.  Ledo finished the half with 22 points, and started the half right where he ended, scoring at will.  He has to be one of the best scores in nation, permitting that his body language is positive, which coach Jefferson seems to have in order.

New Hope Academy (MD) 84, Winchendon School (MA) 62

Game #6: New Hope got off to a good start and executed with great ball movement, didn’t settle for shots and took what they wanted on the offensive end of the court.  Cavon Baker 18 points and five steals Francisco Lopez 18 points, and William Howard 19 points, 11 rebounds.  Akosa Maduegbunam led Winchendon with 13 points, six rebounds for Winchendon School.

Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) 97, Massanutten Military Academy (VA) 93

Game #7: I guess they saved the best for last, and could be titled the shoot out, for the amount of 3 three-pointers attempted.   Ethan ODay played the best that we have ever seen him play, Coach Becker would have been proud.  Corban Collins finished with 28 points and 8 assists for Massanutten