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Madison and Eastie Battle To The Buzzer/ Charelstown Cruises

When the coaches voted last July to move away from the long standing city league alignment of having a north and a south and instead making three divisions based on the teams past performances it promised to make things a whole lot more interesting. With the top group consisting of heavyweights Charlestown, East Boston, New Mission, Brighton and Madison Park. The group certainly had the potential to offer a great game most nights. No one could predict what would transpire on Tuesday at the Matidome.

With Madison having lost to Eastie three times last year and being seconds away from clinching the city league they thought that Tuesday night was there chance to get some revenge on there home soil and get a leg up in the race for cities. In the first quarter Eastie got off to a good start and the back court trio of Sophomores Rasheed Bell, Dion Knight and Pat Santos caused early havoc on Madison’s in experienced guards. Eastie jumped out to a 10-2 run in the first 7 minutes before 6-4 senior David Stewart answered with a basket. The first quarter was ugly as both teams missed shots and free throws. 6-5 Senior Will March who rolled his ankle last weekend started out the game with a quick 4 points before being hampered by foul trouble all night long.

As the second quarter progressed the Jets continued to trap but could not turn the stops into points. David Stewart showed that he is one of the best players in the state as he carried madison in the second quarter and with the momentum the Madison team came alive and started to play well. Madison got a spark plug when junior Johnny Bowden came into the game and made one huge three with the shot clock down to 1 that cut the lead to 19-12 and from there Madison would get two straight buckets to cut the half time lead to three trailing by a score of 19-16.

The third quarter was where it looked like Madison might get blown out being down by as many 10 before David Stewart started to will his way to the basket and had 8 points and along with the solid play of Johnny Bowden. With Will March being saddles with 4 fouls Stewart was simply too big and strong for the Jets. Madison took a 32-29 lead heading into the 4th.

Rasheed Bell and Dion Knight 2 sophomores that earned there stripes tonight played incredibly composed and played superbly well in the 4th quarter in front of a raucous Madison crowd. Both teams would trade blows in the fourth quarter with Madison using the strength of Stewart and Eastie riding the hot hand of Bell the game was coming down to the wire. On a offensive rebound Stewart made the layup which would put Madison up 39-38. New Eastie coach Shaun Brown called timeout and the resulting play led to a Rasheed Bell rebound after Kenny Ramos missed the shot and a foul. With the home crowd in full effect the young sophmore who had played well this fall with his aau team LOX missed the first but drilled the second. Madison had the ball with 10 seconds left Madison drove the ball down and kicked it to Johnny Bowden for a three point attempt but was inexplicably fouled by WIll March and with only 1 second remaining and the score tied the Madison faithful were sure that they were going to get over the hump and avenge the city league loss. The first shot was nothing but net so was the second and you could see on the Eastie bench they let one get away. Madison Park coach Dennis Wilson calls timeout. Madison up 2 with 1 second left in the game Bowden misses the 3rd free throw after being told to by Coach Wilson. Pat Santos got the rebound and threw a long baseball desperation heave into the bottom of the net and Eastie had won. One of the greatest city games in recent memory ended in utter heartbreak for Madison as that was a once in a lifetime shot. Rasheed Bell lead Eastie with a double double as he had 16 points and 10 rebounds and david stewart paced Madison for 15 points and 13 rebounds.

Charlestown Topples Brighton

Not one of the best showings from both teams but it was a statement by Charlestown. After getting pummeled the first 2 games of the season the Townies came out last night and did a 180 at the hands of a win against the Brighton Bengals.

The game started off slow with both teams combined for 15 turnovers in the first period to the tune of a 12-9 score.

In the 2nd period Charlestown came out hot with the strong play of Alijah Robinson (13pts, 7reb, 4blk) and Junior swingman Taris Wilson (game-high 17 pts). Both players repeatedly made loud statements on the defensive end with blocked shots and on the offensive end with loud finishes at the rim.

Brighton never really found there groove missing multiple shots from outside as the Townies zone defense prevented the Bengals from getting anything going to the basket.

Charlestown would continue their offensive assault in the 2nd half winning 66-47 for their first win of the season. Malik James finished with a team high 11 points for the Bengals


The Future Looks Bright

In 3 days HDM witnessed a lot of young talent and the future is looking bright for a number of prospects. Both Bay State Flash and Middlesex Magic took home the 17u crown at the 2012 Basketbull Hall of Fame National Invitational in Springfield, Ma. With big contributions from Chris Braley and Pete Miller the Magic were able to go head to head in a championship game against MB Nation. Magic ended up victorious with effort from Chris Lee and Harry Rafferty. Bay State Flash caputred their crown in a overtime win against MABC.

Team Scan and Greater Boston Lions won the 16u crown after both teams had an impressive win in the 16u Championship games on their respectable ends of the bracket. Team Scan also took home the title for the 15u division.

Top Performers:

Pete Miller (Middlesex Magic) – One of the most fundamentally sound players in this tournament. At 6’10 Miller can knock down the jump shot from the elbow and has a developing back to basket move scoring over the right shoulder. Has a ton of upside

Chris Braley (Middlesex Magic) – a power guard who has improved on his ball handling. Braley does not shy away from attacking the basket and punishes smaller defenders post backing them down and utilizing his body strength to scorI over them.

Chris Lee (Middlesex Magic) – At 6’7 Lee plays like he’s 6’9. A power forward with emphasis on the word power. A physically gifted player whose low post game is coming along. Can handle the presurre during crunch time as he knocked down a key free throw with seconds left on the clock to secure a championship win for his team.

Kameron Rooks (Gamepoint) – A 7ft big who knows how to use his size to box his man out. A back to the basket player who has a hanful of hugh major offers. Gamepoint runs a fast paced offense and Rooks ran the floor very well. Does a good job establishing position on the lower block. A mid level rebounder

Paschal Chuwku (CBC 17u) – The 7’1 center may have averaged 3 blocks a game but he altered about triple that. Roaming the paint on the defensive end Chuwku mad it hard for opponents to score in the lane. His offensive game is coming along strong and it shows as Big East coaches are starting to show interest.

Greg Bridges (Boston Warriors 17u)The up and coming sophmore was the fastest end to end player with the ball in his hands this weekend. A savvy point guard who commands a double team which allows his wing players to free up and knock down the open jumper. His stats creep up on you at the end of the game as he totaled 90pts in 4 games.

Samuel Dingba (Westchester Hawks 17u) – A high bred forward who runs the floor well, rebounds at a high level and a very good defender. Dominated in the paint and finished with a number of loud dunks. His athleticsm let’s him play taller than his registered height

Max Risch (Boston Warriors 17u) – Risch is about 6’6 and a very athletic forward that can run the floor, knock down the perimeter shot.

Isaiah Coleman (Boston Warriors 17u) – The 6’4 Colemans athleticsm is through the roof. As he uses that tool to grab offensive rebounds that convert into put back points and blocks on the defensive end.

Daivon Edwards (Boston Warriors) – Great streaky shooter who will punish teams that leave him open. Zone Buster!

Jacquil Taylor (Prodigy 17u) – Had a dominant performance thoughout the weekend. Taylor blocked shots repeatedly on the defensive end and showed a nice touch around the rim with a running jump hook. Also caught a couple lob passes for dunks in traffic. Would like to see Jacquil add the 15ft jumper to his repertoire to complete his inside out game. St. Joe’s, Holy Cross and Sienna had a coach courtside to watch his every move.

Joseph Connolly (Prodigy 17u) – The 6’1 sharp shooter rarely saw a shot he didnt like from the perimeter because he rarely missed. Connolly also found ways to get in the lane with his dribble drive penetraition.

Matt Barr & Dustin Cole (MB Nation 17u) – If you didn’t know who this pair of shooters were coming into the weekend then i bet after watching one game you left a fan. Cole and Barr took turns torching the nets in Springfield, Ma and making believers out of some doubters. Both prospects should be hearing from a ton of coaches who will be following them on the circuit the next couple weeks.

Fredens Deneus (Greater Boston Lions) – A 6’6 combo forward who can play in the high post. Has quick feet and athleticsm to out maneuver his defender on the low block. had a great 20 and 12 performance in the championship game.

Conrad Chambers (Team Scan 16u) – showed a high skill level and a gift for getting his teammates involved. Plays at a high level all game and always kept his team in control.

Quincy McKnight (Team Scan 16u) – A long wing player with a quick first step that allows him to beat his defender off the dribble. Draws a lot of contact in the lane which allows him to earn points from the line. McKnight can knock down the mid range jumper but would like to see him knock down the an occasional shot from beyond the arc more.

Chris McCullough (Team  Scan 16u) – Showed a lot of improvement in his game by being able to knock down the perimeter jumper consistantly. Also showed confidence in his ball handling, where in one play McCullough took his defender off the dribble and finished with a tomahawk slam down the lane. A much stronger player in the past couple months since the end of the prep school season.

Nate Anderson (Metro Boston 17u)- A face up 4 who was active on the boards which lead to his team getting second chance points. Also improved on his ball handling as he continued to attack the basket when catching the ball at the high post.

Greg Senat (Metro Boston 17u) – A bruiser in the paint that punishes defenders who try to challenge him. Out works everybody who gets in his way of grabbing a rebound. Finished a bunch of loud 2 hand slams that had spectators backing up.

Percy Davis (Threat 220 17u) – The D.C. native is a 6’5 shooting guard with a great skill set who put up a phenomenal 24pt effort against the D.Rose All Stars in a buzzer beating loss. Davis knocked down perimeter shots, drove to the basket for the old fashion 3 pt play and finished 9-11 from the free throw line. One of the most underrated players at the event. A sleeper for a school with an available scholarship looking for a late addition

Tremont Waters (Team Scan 15u) – The young guard continued to impress this spring/summer aau season. Waters has yet to play a high school game but plays at the level of a varsity point guard. Created space with his dribbling and created offense for his teammates.

Zach Gattereau (Lox 17u) – A 6’5 long athleic versatile player who can shoot from the perimeter. No decision on his plans for next year

JC Show (JB Hoops 17u) – The 6’3 Jr combo guard did a lil bit of everything for his team as he ran the point and made big shots when his team needed one. Show is not gifted with speed but has the IQ of a good floor general. Played the role as a player/coach for his team

Justin Robinson (B.C. Eagles 17u) – After winning MVP honors At the 2012 Gym Rat Challenge Robinson continued his high level performance this weekend. At 5’8 Robinson is very quick, athletic and a wizard with the ball in the open floor. Constantly fooling defenders with his quick cross over dribble. Couldn’t find a defender to lock him up all weekend.

David Stewart (MABC 17u) – A 6’5 power forward who plays the game to his strength. What Stewart lacks in size he makes up for it with his ability to use his upper body strength to finish over taller defenders.

Henry Bolton (RI Hawks 16u) – We know the 6’2 combo guard is a great scorer but it’s what he did by making plays for his teammates is what impressed us the most. Continued to grab the attention of coaches in the building with his ability to knock down the pull up jumper from deep.

Jackson Donahue (RI Hawks 16u) – In the championship game Donahue showed us why he is one of the best shooters in New England regardless of class. Knocking down 4 consecutive 3pt shots with a hand in his face and didn’t stop in the 2nd half. Donahue needs to get a little bit stronger and improve on his first step in order to take his defender to the basket and absorb contact.

Kealen Ives (RI Hawks 16u) – a great pass first point guard who is a vocal leader. Limits his turnovers and takes good shot selections.

Charels Correa (RI Hawks 17u) – Did a great jump of knocking down jump shots and running the show.

Daquon Ervin (Riverside Hawks 15u) – A new emerging name in the New England region who will suit up for Northfield Mt. Hermon. The ’15 guard has a nice pull jumper and runs the offense with good speed and understanding. He’s a heads up point that defends real well. Has a lot of room for growth

Matt Mobley (Bay State Flash 17u) – displayed a lot of strength when attacking the basket and also showing a good stroke from the mid range.

Lexus Williams – (D. Rose All Stars 17u) – A 6’2 combo guard who recently gave a verbal commitment to Valparaiso. Gets into the lane with his quickness and uses a tear drop floater to finish over defenders. Plays under control and is not afraid to do the bulk of the scoring if his team needs him to.

Larry Austin (D.Rose Allstars 17u) – A top 50 player in the class of 2014 Austin repeatedly attacked the basket and never backed away from defenders. Austin showed his strength with the ability to continue going towards the basket for a finish after absorbing the contact. So much room for growth in this prospect

Ben Moore (D. Rose All Stars) – The 6’8 junior forward did a good job filling in for the top 5 player in the country Cliff Alexander(who was injured earlier this week). Moore has a soft touch around the basket and runs the floor well in the open floor. Has great timing on his shot blocking. Needs to get stronger with his ball handling and add muscle to his body if he’s going to make a living in the post.

Darius Austin (D. Rose All Stars) – A 6’6 face up player whose game extends out to 15ft. Has a great body type that allows him to often over power his defenders when facing his back to the basket on the low block. Not very athletic but is a work horse

LJ Mcintosh (D. Rose All Stars) – No matter how long Mcintosh sits on the bench the one thing thats for certain is that when his number is called he’s ready to go. Mcintosh punished teams all weekend with his outside shooting. Often pulling his team out of deficits. The 6’2 guard left one official stating to his coach “how doesn’t he start?”. That’s because Mcintosh understands his role as a player and is the first player off the bench to be a scoring option for the 2nd unit.