Terance Mann’s Basketball Skills Seminar at Zero Gravity

During the 2012 Zero Gravity Beast of The East Tournament, Terance Mann a 6’5 wing player from the Tilton School went on a tear and averaged 26 points per game on the weekend. His best showing was a 30 pt, 9 reb, 6 stl, 7 ast performance against the Kingston Thunder. These are a set of highlights of Terance performance while running with his BABC AAU program. Terance Mann’s game has improved more than any prospect in New England’s 2015 class and it shows every time he steps out onto the court.

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Prep Vs Public

Prep vs. Public while this will be forever a topic of discussion, both have their pros and cons.  We talked with several prep players who spoke about the deference and how they felt going from one school to the other.

Public School is just that Public its usually the school in your town in which you attend free of charge.  In some cases public school districts have great academic curriculums, but the flip side they can have poor curriculums as well.  Public schools teachers union contracts protect them from certain things such has staying to help a student after school who don’t understand the class work.

As an athlete its great to play in front of family and friends who have seen you become the star player that you have become.  But lets be honest you can count on your hands how many scholarship basketball players in the last 6-7 years that went to any BCS school.


Prep schools, usually private, designed to prepare students for a college or university education.  Prep schools cost usually range around 40k – 50k a year.  Educational wise public isn’t even close; teachers usually live in the same dorm as the students, each prep school that I have been in contact with has mandatory study hall every night where the wifi is shut off and students have to complete assigned course work.

This alone prepares you for college, waking up on your own, doing your own laundry all helps students mature in a prep school environment.

Now lets talk basketball, if you’re a high school basketball prospect with dreams of going to the NBA yes NBA we all had them until reality struck and we where only 5’9” as a sophomore in high school.  If you haven’t attended a game you don’t know what you are missing, high level basketball that would put MIAA to shame.  I will go on record of saying a AAA or AA school would mercy rules the majority of MIAA schools if not all.


Wayne Selden 2013 top 25 prospects in the country was once a public school star who left for Tilton School a prep school located in (NH) says

“I left because I wanted to put myself in better position for college, academically and athletically, public school could not provide that”




Jared Terrell 2014 top 25 prospects was once at Weymouth High School who was given the keys to the town, “I felt like I already dominated at the MIAA level.  I felt my game would not have progressed playing against MIAA competition.  Prep school has some of the best players in the world, I played against someone going Division one every night as well as in practice”




Jaylen Brantley 2013 top 100 guard “Better opportunity to reach my goal of playing division one basketball, also my coaches in public weren’t helping me reach that goal basketball wise or academically”



Hoop Dreams Magazine covers both Public as well as Prep school basketball.  We can count on one hand how many division one coaches we have seen at a public school game this past season.  Prep school is just what it says, prep you for college, its not for everyone. The MIAA makes it easy by not allowing coaches to work with their players earlier in the season, where prep schools start working out as soon as the player drops his or her bags at their dorms after orientation.

There are some great public school coaches who actually do their jobs and help players get to the level they can play at, but unfortunately the bad out weigh the good by hundreds.

If your child can attend a private school for little to no money and you don’t send him/her, shame on you.


Steve Hailey On/Off The Court

Almost every youth growing up playing basketball has dreams of playing in the NBA one day. Steve Hailey had those dreams but found a different purpose for his talents and knowledge for the game of basketball.

Hailey began his playing career at Trinity Catholic High School and was supposed to take over reigns of All Scholastic heralded guard Frankie Patten(a player Stevie watched growing up in his neighborhood). But Hailey had taken a different path, transferring to Worcester Academy as a sophomore.

While at Worcester Academy Stevie was coached by Mo Cassara(Hofstra) while teaming up with NBA players Jarret Jack(New Orleans Hornets) and Craig Smith(Portland Trail Blazers). There’s no reason why Hailey couldn’t see himself playing at that level acheiving the same success as his peers.

Hailey was a winner where ever he went and schools began calling around his sophmore year in 2001 when he helped lead BABC to a AAU national title. At Worcester Academy he lead the 2002-03 Hilltoppers to a 25-4 record and the NEPSAC Class A title. The likes of Notre Dame, Kentucky, Duke, Georgia Tech came knocking before he chose Boston College. While at Boston College Stevie was the point guard of a starting 5 where 3 of the players ended up being 1st round draft picks.

After college Stevie played a couple years in the ABA trying to get a NBA look. When talking to Stevie he doesn’t miss the NBA at all. He loves what he’s doing now. If he continued chasing a NBA pay check he would have never found his true calling.

In the Summer you can find Stevie running a Boston Pro-Am he put together about 3 years ago (Fri 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm and Sat 10am-2pm) at the Tobin Community Center. For More Info (

Alot of people got a chance to chat with Stevie the basketball player. But HDM got a chance to talk with Steve Hailey the Husband, Father, Coach, Trainer and Mentor. Listen and watch how Mr. Hailey found his true calling and what he’s doing now to better himself and the city of Boston.


Boston Show Stoppers Take Their Show on the Road

The Boston Show Stoppers took their show on the road and returned champions.

Head coach Clinton “Bronco” Lessiter took his 8th grade AAU team to Orlando, FL for tough hard fought battle to the championship circle. This makes national title number 3 in a row for the Show Stoppers.

BSW went 2-1 in pool play and after that 1 loss the Show Stoppers went on to champions circle defeating SCBC(FL) 57-41.

“This was our first national championship for the 8th grade team. Our 7th grade team have won back to back National Championships for their 5th an 6 grade yrs.” said Coach Lassiter

Their are many bright spots on this team but Sayawni Lassiter performance was one to remember.

“The play of Sayawni “Say say” Lassiter was big for us. She set a pace and a level the play for which the team had no choice to step up to. Her 24 points was nothing in comparison to the defense she played. The girl she was defending was single handedly beating teams. said Lassiter of his star point guard, She has put in the hard work and deserved every achievement she has received this far. Including her scholarship offer by Rutgers University”

Look for this group to continue competing at a high level and defend their title next year.

Bball Logo

Elite75 Stock Risers

This segment of the Elite 75 recap is geared towards thosem players who used this event to boost their confidence going into live period.

Arguably the MIAA top point guards Malik James and Aaron Calixte separated themselves from the other guards as they played the roles of facilitators rather than scorers for their teams. Both players have been known to put up big numbers for their high school teams this past season. In drills James showed a quick first step in 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 drills, blowing past his defender for a lay up. In 5 on 5 matchups James looked to set his teammates up on offense and seemed to control the tempo of the game when the ball was in his hands, even setting up players where he wanted them to be when the ball wasn’t in his hands. Calixte is a power guard with great upper body strength and loves the contact. Calixte is most known to play off the ball but today we saw a improvement in his ball handling skills and a nice pull up jumper from beyond the arc. Calixte’s decision making is what stood out the most on this day. The young guard would force turnovers with his lock down D that would lead to fast break points for his teammates. Both players made the right plays at the right time.

Jeff Spellman and Jacquil Taylor showed why the two lead their Beaver Country Day team to a NEPSAC Class B title this past season. Spellman was deadly shooting the ball from the outside and had his atleticsm on display. The 6’0 guard had one of the top plays of the day when finishing above the rim for a and 1 flush on his opponent. Didn’t see his point guard skills on display but we did see a level of confidence that’s rarely seen from the guard. Jacquil Taylor is a 6’9 center who has good timing on blocking shots which is his best asset right now. Taylor who had a good showing during one on one drills has a variety of post moves on the offensive end. But we’d like to see him move a lot quicker and be commited to the move when going to the basket. Jacquil has a great motor and never takes plays off.

Jared Wilson-Frame was one of the most efficient scorers on the day. Wilson-Frame scorerd in a variety of ways by hitting long range jump shots, cutting to the basket and scoring off the dribble. A great player who will create a serious buzz in the month of july during live period.

Henry Bolton is starting to trust himself as a point guard. Bolton sores at  a high volume and not to many players in the gym can match his combination of strength speed and athleticsm.

Kaleb Joseph and Dimitri Floras are one of the best backcourts in New England on the AAU circuit. Joseph played real well during drills and forced defenders to play him close because when they sagged off him he would knock down the open jumper. Floras is a guard that has been on a tear this AAU season and starting to create a buzz for himself deservingly so. A very confident player from a year ago around this time. Floras lets the game come him and doesn’t over play possessions. A very good heads up guard with a lot of upside.

Qincey McKnight came into the start of the game with the same energy going out. A wing player with good size that runs the floor well in transition had a number of top plays on the day with crisp bounce passes and aslo being able to finish in the lane while absorbing the contact.

Dayshon Smith the New York native is known for his scoring but today we focused on his defense. Smith played great on ball defense and jumped into passing lanes for steals and deflections. Would like to see Smith more vocal on both ends of the floor.

Matt Cimino is a high bred forward who has a great stroke from 15 feet and beyond. For his height standing at a lean 6’9 Cimino needs to be more assertive on defense. But over time and the tough schedule the Rivals have coming up Cimino will be able to turn it up during live period.

Charls Correa was not looked at to be a lead guard on the day but had a good showing during 1 on1 drills. Correa has a quick release on his pull up jumper that goes well with his natural speed. Always seems to be in control and has great recovery speed on defense.

Matt Owens at 6’6 came into the camp as sort of a unknown player but left with the respect of his players. Owens played hard every play and showed great athleticsm finishing above the rim with loud dunks and blocking shots on the opposing end.

Johnnie Joseph a true point guard at heart can really break down a defender with his ball handling. Today Joseph showed a good release on his shot but is at his best when setting up his teammates.

Donte Gittens is another player who came in as sort of a unkown but was getting into the lane at will. Also being able to penetrate through the lane and make the defense collapse and dish to his low post teammamtes repeatedly for the score.

Adrian Oliveira was aggressive in attacking the basket and knocking down jumpers off the pick and roll screen. The best thing Oliveira put on display was how vocal he was as he’s known to be quiet on the court. Had on of the top plays on the day when he dunked on his defender off the dribble. Would like to see him keep up that same intensity going into live period