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Zero Gravity “Beast of the East” Standouts

6’6 Chris Doherty(2018)NE Playaz- Was a man amongst boys as he single handedly earned his squad a championship this past weekend. Doherty has improved his footwork and ability to finish with both hands around the rim.

6’7 Dana Tate Jr. (2018) Expressions- Tate was one of the most dominant scorers to come through this event. He had back to back games in which he scored in the 20s. He too strong and skilled on this level for most at this level.

6’5 Chuck Hannah(2018) NE Playaz- A powerful forward built like a linebacker. He handles enough to bust through the defense and finish at the cup. He plays the game with a high motor and is a constant force on the glass. His strength and aggressiveness was a major force at this event.

6’6 Dyondre Dominguez(2019) NE Playaz- He has the size to be effective at the forward slot but also handles the ball like a guard. He also knows how to create space off the bounce which could also led to a step back trey ball.

6’9 Tommy Oneil(2018) Expressions-He showed the ability to put moves together and finish at the cup. He had the court presence to use his body to negate shot blockers and score the ball. He also showed great effort in hitting the glass.

5’10 Thomas Shaugnessy Middlesex Magic- He went at any opposing guard that was in his circumference and had his way. I like his speed, court vision and ability to score himself.

6’5 Chris Camille(2019) Expressions- has developed his ball handling and uses it to dance pat defenders and finish at the tin. He has a wide frame and has the body control to maneuver around shot blockers. Once he gets on a scoring streak he’s tough to low down.

6’3 Nyzair Rountree(2018) Expressions- Rountree was scoring in bunches, but what really caught my eye was his improved ball handling, range and play making ability. I can clearly see that this kid has been putting the work in at the gym.

5’10 Devon Ford(2019) NE Playaz- He had a few games where he lit up the score boards. I like his natural feel for the game and the way he turned up his play when needed.

6’7 Phil Gebrewhit(2018) Expressions- Gebrewhit has a style that helps him get through defenders and finish at the tin. He also has enough wiggle to get rid of smaller guards that attempt to check him.

6’3 Charles Whipple(2018) NE Playaz- Is a sharp shooting guard that isn’t afraid of launching the rock from anywhere. His mid-range game was on display and he showed the ability to get away from defenders off the dribble.

6’3 Daman Tate(2019) Expressions- He’s one of the best finishers around and has stepped up his game on the defensive end.Tate knows how to use his body to finish through contact.