Zero Gravity Mass State Championship Standouts

6’2 Jakai Dotton(2017) BABC- The 6’2 guard and scoring prowess powered BABC to the championship. Once he got going he was difficult to slow down. He packs a mean scoring punch. 

6’9 Tommy O’neil(2018) Expressions- At times O’neil looked like the best prospect in the building. His wiry frame and developing skills gives the indication of what could be expected down the road. O’neil looks like he will continue to sprout up in size. 

6’3 Justin Mazzula(2017) BABC- Every coach would wish to have a kid like lane suiting up. This kid gave his all on both ends of the floor and seemed to make winning plays. His all-around toughness rubs off on the team. 

6’1 G Ethan Wright(2018) NE Playaz- Wright brings a calm to his squad when running the show. He takes good care of the rock when scoring or facilitating to teammates.

6’6 Chris Camille(2019) Mass Commanders- Camille caught our eye as one of the most promising prospects in the building. His long, slender type frame and feel for the game really stood out. 

6’7 Dana Tate(2018) Expressions- The more comfortable he gets putting the ball on the floor, rebounding on both ends  and making perimeter plays, the more intriguing he becomes. Expressions might have something special with this kid.