Hoop Group Providence Jamfest 15u Standouts

5’10 G Maurice Works (BABC)- Works has the rock on a string therefore he gets anywhere he wants on the floor. Once he got through the first line of defense he has the option of either scoring or dishing to teammates. He’s one tough guard to defend.

6’7 F Dana Tate (Expressions Elite)-  What else needs to said this kid came to a big time stage in the and put up numbers. Tate can essentially do it all and play multiple positions. No one really knew him before but now he might have created national name. 

6’6 F Martin Mann (BABC)- Martin put team on his back as he guided them through the trenches during championship run. His strength and scoring ability makes him a factor every time he steps on the floor.

6’5 Cole Swider (BABC) Swider had a barrage of scoring during Hoop Group Jamfest. His range seems to be when he walks in the gym. Once he gets hot he’s usually tough to contain.

6’4 G AJ Reeves (Rivals)- Whether he was scoring or making things happen for teammates, Reeves proved to be a superior play maker. His stock is continuing to rise as we speak. 

6’8 Tommy O’neil (Expressions Elite) O’neil is long and lanky wing. He has shown he could score  from all three levels and has improved his ability to make his teammates better.

5’9 PG Shandon Brown (BABC)- Brown showed that his presence matters. He ran the point for BABC as they won the championship. His heady plays and ability to score or run his team makes him an elite prospect.

6’4 F David Mitchell (Rivals)- Mitchell showed he could score from any kind of circumstances. It seems to be natural for him to put the ball in the hole. 

5’10 PG Kwane Taylor(Expressions Elite)- Taylor has fun breaking down defenders at will. Once he got into the lane at ease he either finished at the rim or facilitated to his teammates. Also an elite level defender.