Northeast Live Invitational 15u Standouts

Basketbull.com put on quite the event this past weekend in Springfield, MA. The majority of the top programs in the Northeast were present NY City Rocks, BABC, Expressions, NE Playaz, NY Lightning, PSA, etc. Here is a look at some of the standouts over the weekend.


Noah Fernandes (NE Playaz)- The 5’10 PG Fernandes has the rock on a string therefore he gets anywhere he wants on the floor. Once he got through the first line of defense he has the option of either scoring or dishing to teammates.

Kwane Taylor (Expressions)- 5’10 PG Taylor was a new face on the circuit and found open teammates with precise passes and creative dimes that left the defense standing still.  Clearly, Taylor’s stock should rise over the next few months.

Cole Swider(BABC)-  At 6’5 this kid is so natural at scoring that it’s kind of scary. He’s very fluid going to the basket and if you try to back off he will score from long range.

Ethan Wright(NE Playaz) 6’1 G Wright played the game with great intensity. He could be seen attacking the rim in transition and in the half court set.

Shandon Brown(BABC)- 5’9 PG  Once again Brown proved to be an elite level player in this event. His take over the game ability was very apparent on both ends of the floor.

Tommy O’neil(Expressions) 6’8 F O’neil can play multiple positions as he played in the Expressions backcourt. He’s also big enough to sneak inside, grab rebounds and score in the paint

Maurice Works( BABC) Works is a ball handlers worse nightmare. He pressures the rock and makes the opposing guard have to make quick decisions.

Preston Santos(Expressions) When you are 6’6, can put it on the floor and step back to hit from long range consistently it’s hard to find a better prospect in the building. Santos not only passed the look test he also showed and proved on the floor that he’s one of the best in the Northeast Region