Baris Ulker “Smooth”

2016 Baris Ulker 6’8” attends Winchendon School (MA) the do it all forward is relatively unknown to the masses of the college world, due to him participating with the Turkey national team during all live period events.

Ulker is one of the most skilled forward in his class, vision, size, length and a high IQ sums up what Ulker brings to the table.

“During the evaluation period I’m looking forward to staying in the U.S. the year and participating in the EYBL with Expressions Elite”.

Choosing to play for the Turkey national team was a hard decision for Ulker and his family; the reward was that he helped his country place 7th place during the European championship.

After seeing Ulker over a dozen times, I can go on record stating that he has the skill and IQ of a player far past his grade level. He will be a big time target when colleges see how skilled he is, he has the skill to be a secondary ball handler at 6’8’.

“Playing in Turkey helped me understand how to play like a point guard, it made me a better passer and better leader”

Winchendon plays at the 2015 Hoop Dreams Magazine Prep Classic Jan 10-11, 2015 at Bunker Hill Community College and all eyes will be on Ulker & Co. to show that they have what it takes as a program to compete at the highest level against some of the best in the NEPSAC. – See more at: