6’6 Wing Dana Tate is the best freshman you have never heard. Tate has been flying under the radar but is poised to contribute at St. Sebastian’s this year. We received an opportunity to sit down and talk to Mr. Tate about his first Varsity Season.


What were your high school Fall league averages?
I don’t know my high school ¬†fall league averages, but I played well and we have a really talented team at St. Sebastians.
How are you preparing yourself physically and educationally to succeed?
I work out in the weight room 3 times a week and I try to practice on the court at least 4 times a week. I have been working hard in my academics and have earned honor roll grades.
What goals and aspirations do you have for yourself as a person?
My main goal in life is to play college basketball and be a  successful lawyer with a college education.
Why did you pick St Sebastian’s prep School?
I picked St. Sebastians because of the community, the great education I will receive by going here, and because of the opportunities that the school will open for me in years to come.
How have you been transitioning from middle school life to life as an athlete in high school?
I am transitioning by taking basketball and school a lot more serious, and I will always try my hardest and try to challenge in the best way possible.
Where do you want to play college basketball?
The college I would love to play basketball at is either North Carolina or Georgetown.