Aston and Waters Lead South Kent To Victory

The second game of the day for the 2015 national Prep Showcase featured South Kent and Fishburne Military Academy.

A game that went South Kent’s way since tip off, were the results of a good team effort.

Lead by class of 2016 highly touted point guard Tremont Waters (20 points) who spent the afternoon facilitating the offense for SK. Waters broke down the Fishburne defense making his way into the lane whenever he wanted. When Waters wasn’t looking for his shot, he was setting up his teammates to be on the receiving end of his smooth passes. Travis Atson, a 2015 guardfinished with 26 points for South Kent in a variety always but his bread and butter was his attack to basket

South Kent would go on to win 79-68 respectfully. Jeremy Harris was a bright spot for Fishburne with his perimeter shooting. Harris finished with 32 points