corey Porter

Corey Porter’s Rise in The Basketball Community

About a year ago today, a 20 year old college student by the name of Corey Porter was up late one night watching Ricky Ledo highlights on YouTube. Always passionate about basketball and video editing, the young man finally decided it was time to pursue his dream. He gathered a bunch of Ledo highlights, made his first video, and put it on YouTube. No one in the basketball community knew who he was yet, but when his Ledo video caught the eye of Expressions Elite coach Tyron Boswell, everything would soon change.

Boswell sent the local kid a message on twitter basically wondering who he was, who he works for, and if he would like to help out Expressions with video. First however, he wanted to see more work from Corey to see if he was the real deal. Eager to prove himself Porter went out the very next day, bought a camera, and reached out to top 100 Providence College commit Brandon Austin. They ended up becoming close friends and the two of them would hit the PC basketball facility every single night. Austin working on his game and practicing ridiculous dunks while Corey recorded every single minute of each workout. When the short documentary was finally finished and put on YouTube, the word was officially out on Corey Porter. He was gaining hundreds of followers on social media, thousands of views on YouTube, and showing his face at dozens of prep school games recording the top prospects in the country. Not only was Expressions Elite on board, but soon he was freelancing for Cox Sports, Go Local Prov, and had a press pass for PC games.

Porter then decided to start his own self-titled video production company named Corey Porter TV aka CPTV and got his own logo and t-shirts for players to wear. “I named my production company Corey Porter TV because I wanted to get my name out there and build my portfolio so one day I could get my dream job of working for an NBA team” says Corey. Players quickly accepted him and his brand and within the span of a few months he went from virtually unknown in the basketball community to being regarded by many as the best videographer in New England, having well over a thousand followers on his social media accounts, traveling the country with one of the best AAU teams in the nation, sitting on the baseline at the Dunkin Donuts center recording PC games, and even hanging out with NBA player Nerlens Noel in Philadelphia. “He’s the best in the game, it’s as simple as that” said UNLV player Goodluck Okonoboh. He was also becoming close friends with some of the top players in the country and they helped him expand and build his brand by wearing CPTV shirts in layup lines and shouting him out on Instagram.

Corey was so busy with his new lifestyle and working full time that he had to take some time off from school, but he will be finishing up his last year of college at Valencia College in Orlando starting this January. Valencia college is ranked a top 10 video production program in the country. Going forward, He will be covering PC games for this season doing the post game video recaps, as well as recording some prep school basketball. His goal is to get his degree in video production and intern with an NBA team eventually landing a job in the NBA, or to be a film maker. “I would like to thank Tyron Boswell, Ricky Ledo, Brandon Austin, and Kaleb Joseph because without them, I wouldn’t be here today.” Check out his director reel below and follow him on his journey while he chases his dream.