Shabazz Napier Prepares For 82 NBA Game Season

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Shabazz Napier Prepares For 82 NBA Game Season

We recently caught up with former Charlestown/Lawrence Academy/UConn standout now Miami Heat rookie Shabazz Napier, as he worked out with ATF Athletix founder and trainer Pierre Sully. Normally we at HDM like to showcase players in the gym, but we thought it was just as important to show the other side of preparation for basketball season and the rookies mind set going in.

When asked by NBA TV staff what he will bring to the Heat this season Napier answered, “just a guy thats going to come with complete effort. The only thing I can control is my effort. I can’t control me making shots. I can control playing great defense. It’s something that comes with great pride.” Napier led his national championship Uconn team in points, assits, and steals last season.

When asked why he plays with a chip on his shoulder, the rookie point guard answers, “comes from where I was brought up at (Roxbury). I was never given much.You got to work for what you wanted,”

In terms of their workout Sully states the focus was changing speeds and footwork which translates into game simulations. “The goal was to target his hip flexors and increase burst speed with short quick movements with lots of resistance.”

Watch as the two strapped it up (literally) and hit the good old gridiron for some conditioning and agility work.