Houston Lands Egi Gjikondi Through the fire & back

The journey is finally over,  6′ 9″ Egi Gjikondi committed to Houston the Massachusetts native took the long route in order to get to the top.

Gijkondi attended Cushing Academy, then South Kent, and graduated from Malden HS (MA)  along with making stops at ABCD Academy, then eventually ending up on the campus of Alabama State as a non qualifier.  APR issues arose and Gjikondi was able to transfer, per NCAA rules he could not accept an athletic scholarship but could transfer he decided to attend a Jr. College.  In order to receive an athletic scholarship  he would have to graduate.  San Jacinto Community College was the landing spot of choice, fast forward the hands of time, and you have a young man who was giving a second chance and has made the best of it.

“I picked University of Houston because I thought it was the best for me personally,” he told HDM “After meeting with the coaching staff and coach Kelvin Sampson I felt comfortable to where the program is headed.

“I will be playing in and out as a stretch four. I enjoyed my visit and the University of Houston has a great atmosphere. I really like the idea of the style they are going to be playing but most importantly how they are going to develop me in the next three years.”

A Massachusetts native, Gjikondi played for Tyron Boswell of Expressions Elite.

“Egi has sacrificed an awful lot within the last few years. He deserves everything he has worked for. He is one of the most humble kids I have ever encountered.” He has been through the fire and back and still is standing”  I recall a few months back while on break he called me and said ” Coach Im tired of fighting Im just going to attend a D3 school in Boston”  I informed him that he has come to far to turn back, to keep fighting and we will get through this together.  He beleived the visions, he got back on the plane and headed back to Dallas Tx for school, the rest is history”

Houston will be getting s tough inside presence who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work.  He has expanded his game and has developed into a consistent scoring option.