NEPSAC Champions AAA, AA, A

This years NEPSAC Finals looks very familiar to most, that’s because if you attended last years event you would have seen all three winning teams repeat Back2Back titles.

NEPSAC Class AAA Brewster 69 New Hampton 63

To say this was a rival game would be injustice, more like a college conference championship then a high school class championship the heavy weight bout was set.  New Hampton came out swinging and landed several punches, Brewster was down by 16 points nine minutes into the game.

Brewster would rally behind hard nose defense that would bring them back into striking distance.  New Hampton held a 40 -36 halftime lead.

Syracuse commit Tyler Lydon showed his versatile skill set, making big shoots as well as posting up he finished with 10 points, 8 rebounds.

Tory Miller looked unstoppable for a period of time on the low block, the Colorado commit seemed determined to will his team to victory.

We nicknamed Jared Terrell to combination lock last year for a reason; he defended at an all time high, which resulted in him single handedly leading Brewster’s change back into the game. “I know what it feels like to loose big games, last year we lost a big one in the National Prep Championship, I didn’t want to feel that feeling again.  At that point I was willing to do whatever my team needed for us to win”

Terrell commenting on how he got a steal for a dunk, then the next play he picked his opponent again and dunked it hard on the break, that brought BA within three points.

The Oklahoma State commit finished with 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 steals.

“Jared’s just a competitor,” said Smith. “He’s tough, he’s hard-nosed, he competes and wants to win every time, no matter if it’s in practice. He just wants to win. He’s a competitive guy.”  States Smith (as told to ESPNBoston)

Devonte Graham was also special making big shot after big play throughout the game in route to 15 points

With a one-point lead with 23.9 to go, Donavon Mitchell went to the free throw line looking to extend the Brewster lead. He made four free throws in the final seconds, which secured Brewster Academy’s back-to-back NEPSAC AAA champions, along with MVP honors.

NEPSAC Class AA Cushing Academy 78 Kimball Union Academy 70



This game had star power written all over it, Cushing = High power guards Kimball =the best low post player in the region; we can only have one winner.   Idris Taqqee made sure his last game would be memorable; he did everything in the book to help his team win.  Made three pointers, found every loose ball, defended Abu, defended Tot.  If I didn’t know any better I would have thought there was two of him out there.  Taqqee finished with 16 first half points.

Crew Ainge was a bright spot for KUA along with Duby Maduegbunam combing for 19 first half points for KUA.

Cushing executed their game plan to perfection, when Abdul Malik Abu gets the ball double him, Abu was able to mix things up by showing his skill set at 6’8” putting the ball on the floor from the top of the key, draining the 3 point shot, to keep KUA in the game.  Abu finished with 16 points 13 rebounds. Brent 14 points Duby 13 points Ainge 11 points Tot 9 points.

The guard play of Jalen Adams & Kaleb Joseph proved to be to much as the duo took control of the game by taking turns making game winning plays each time the ball was in their hands.  Joseph was great of the pick and roll, and better going down hill finishing at the rim through the contact in route to his game high 25 points.  Adams was special again attacking the defense while being a nightmare in transition, all while being a staple on the defensive end, he finished with 16 points along with MVP honors.

“Two peat baby, this one feels better then the first, we lost to Kimball during the regular season and we knew what we had to do to win.  This was a team effort and we champions baby,” says Taqqee.   During the second half of the game Taqqee dislocated his finger, he proceeded to the bench popped it back in place asked the trainer to tape him up and entered back into the game.  Now that was a warrior.

NEPSAC Class A Exeter 49 Hotchkiss 46



This game seemed to be one out of a movie script, back and forth both teams playing as hard as they could.  Exeter took a halftime lead 21-22.

Both teams seemed to save the best for last, with 10 seconds left Mason drives and finds Daoust for a three pointer which tied the game at 46 a piece.  Jeb Helmers drove the length of the court releasing a long 3 pointer with 2.5 seconds left of the clock to give Exter their Back2Back Nepsac class A championship.

Maki Mason Yale commit finished with 16 points Noah Daoust 11 points for Hotchkiss.