Sneaker Watch: Foamposite

Over the past few years we’ve pretty much had a Nike Foamposite overload. We’ve seen some hits as well as misses as far as colorways. It is safe to say that as a sneakerhead community, we were a bit overwhelmed and maybe even a little bit fed up with the non-stop releases. Well it looks as if Nike took notice at what people liked and disliked when sample images leaked and such. With that being said we are beginning to see a trickle of images that are very exciting for fans of the rugged Nike baller.

We are slated to see two colors of Supreme X Nike Foamposites as well as the “Knicks” makeup that was once reserved only for Spike Lee. The “Shooting Stars” PE that was once only a Penny Hardaway player exclusive will be hitting stores as well and this Saturday will see the release of the silver/volt colorway that looks very clean and crisp. We have also seen a “Gold Safari” scheme as well as a “Metal Mirror” makeup that we have yet to see much of. With all that being said, what do you think of these samples and future “Foams” that we’ve already been witness to? Do remember that some of these MAY or MAY NOT release.