Mann on a mission

Terance Mann has been long talked about because of his skill set as well as his size 6’6’ guard, once regarded as a top 50-prospect nation wide by ESPN, Scout.  HDM thinks Mann is amongst the best in the counrty.

Mann has seen the light on both sides, now out of the top 50 ranking most would pout about the circumstances. Not Mann he begin to take notes, and list every players name that was ahead of him and remember them one by one.

“I know what I’m capable of, I know I’m better then a lot of the guys that are ranked ahead of me, and when I saw the updated rankings I just looked at it like wow, now it’s time to show these scouts that they messed up and I’m not done proving them wrong.”

Most would not know that Mann has a cheat code when dealing with his recruitment, Daynia La-Force is Terance Mann’s mother she is in her seventh season as the Head coach of Northeastern University woman’s basketball team. La-Force Mann was a standout member of the Georgetown women’s basketball team, highlighted by the Hoyas’ 1992-93 season in which they won the Big East Conference championship and advanced to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament.

“Having her around makes me feel real lucky because she knows how to handle the recruiting process really well and knows that it’s my decision”

Your recruitment has been steady for quite some time, which schools stick out to you right now.

The schools that are sticking out to me right now are Georgetown, Boston College, VCU, Florida State and Creighton “

I won’t be making a list until late summer maybe after the Nike peach jam.

Do you have any visits coming up to any of the schools that are sticking out for you at this time?

“I have visited four schools that are sticking out to me already, I will visit Florida State over March break.”

This summer will be a big summer for you, what is your mindset going into to the spring and summer.

“Honestly to prove a lot of people wrong and win the Nike Peach Jam with my BABC team,  I feel that the Nike circuit has the best players in the country and I want to play against the best to show and prove that I belong”