Vermont Academy 2013-14 Preview

Something special is happening on the Vermont Academy campus. This year’s basketball team may go down as one of the deepest and most talented group that the NEPSAC has seen from the Saxton River campus. Gone are the days of Jesse Bopp, Dimitri Flores, Dequein McNeil, Dominic Woodson, and Jamel Artis. Ushered in are now the days of coach Cody Hatt and a crew of youngster who will make a lot of noise this season. After taking in one of the teams open gym session, its no question that this young team is very talented.

Vermont Academy has four of top sophomores in New England, who has been creating quite the buzz, Bruce Brown, Christian Vital, Sedee Keita and KJ Santos. Sedee Keita is a 6’9 face up four, who has the ability to put the ball on the floor, can knock down open jump shots and runs the floor really well. He’s a one-man fast break, very comfortable in the open floor, but may be the most dangerous offensively in the pick and roll. 

KJ Santos is a pure shooting guard. Standing at 6’7, Santos has one of the purist jumper’s we’ve seen in awhile.  His length allows him to be a good defender, he does a great job attacking the rim, and creating for others.

Bruce Brown (6’3) is a do it all wing. He is strong, athletic, and is great defender.  Brown is somewhat of a glue guy, where the team may let up a player like Bruce does a good job of masking it with his toughness and his ability to do a lot of the little things well.  6’1 Christian Vital is another tough guard that will help this team both offensively and defensively. In the open run Vital was able to knock down lots of jump shots that helped open up the floor for him to attack the rim.

Running the show for VA at the point guard position will be senior Tyler Harville. Standing at 6’0 Harville may be one of the most dangerous shooter’s in the country. Over and over again in the open run if Harville felt he had a hint of space he would let it go, knocking down jump shots from all over the floor.  He is a steady lead guard who doesn’t force his passes, he did a great job reading the defense during pick and roll situations making the right decisions for his self or teammate.

Anchoring the middle will be 7’1 Jr. Tyler Jackson. Jackson is a big body in the middle; he ran the floor well and made a couple nice offensive plays.  He has a descent touch on his jump shot and also made a couple of good offensive moves in the post.

Here’s a look at the teams Open Run