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Does making an Official Visit mean you will get a college scholarship offer ?

When deciding to take a college visit, make sure you are well aware of all rules and regulations.

But because of NCAA rules, you are limited to five official visits so it may be important which ones you pick and choose.  If a school has not offered me a scholarship but wants me to official visit their school, are they going to end up offering me a scholarship?  As always, the answer really depends on the situation.

I have also heard coaches promise a recruit that if he official visited/visited, he would leave the trip with an offer.  The school didn’t realize that this recruit really wanted an offer so he decided to make an official visit shortly after they said that.  With another player that school was hoping to get a commitment from, they didn’t end up offering the kid that took the official visit.  If something like that happens, I would strongly recommend moving on from that situation.

In my opinion, the majority (80% or greater) of official visits do end up with athletes having scholarship offers from that school.  The reason is because these schools are limited in the amount of official visitors that they can bring on campus.  They would not be bringing in players who they feel cannot play so you really are among their top recruits.

Before going on an official visit, I would try to ask the coach as many questions about offers and that type of thing before going.  If I was going on an official visit, I would assume a scholarship offer would be coming.  So before you get in the car or the plane, make sure that you know where you stand with the coaches on a scholarship offer.  It could be the difference between you being blinded while there.