Springfield Central hires Jack O’Brien as Boys basketball coach

When the news was released that Springfield Central principal Tad Tokarz officially announced that the school has hired former Charlestown and Salem coach Jack O’Brien as its new head boys basketball coach.  Former players of Coach O’Brien all shed tears of joy.

Some people ask why, its simple over his tenure of coaching public school basketball he has dominated and sent his players to college.  That is not a small task when you are speaking of MIAA basketball.  Per ESPN Boston From 1999 to 2005, Charlestown has won five state titles in a span of six years, the 2002 squad finished the season ranked No. 16 in USA Today’s national Super 25 poll.

Riding the wave of his success he decided to write a book, “The Assist” a book based on Coach O’Brien’s experiences dealing with not only basketball, but life.


“We’re excited, the school is excited, the kids should be excited,” Tokarz said. “We got a guy with a tremendous reputation and a proven track record. We’re very excited to give him everything he needs to be successful here. He’s done it before, he’s got a tremendous track record. He changes kids’ lives, and that’s the biggest thing with us. It’s not about wins and losses, it’s how to get kids into college and give them opportunities outside of basketball. He convinced all of us that he’s the best person to make that happen. As told to ESPN Boston’s Brendan Hall

What can be said for Jack O’Brien is that he has done it before, and there isn’t one boys basketball coach in the system that can say he has sent more players to school then Mr. O’Brien.  To add icing on the cake he did this while not allowing his players to play AAU basketball a living legend to say the least.  Springfield you have been blessed.