5 Steps to a Scholarship

I always like to make quick notes about things before going into the article and there are two important notes to be included. The first is for parents that are reading this. You need to make 100% sure that your child wants to play college athletics before going to these steps. If they are on the fence, you will be spending a lot of time and money investing in something they are not sold on. If they are not fully committed, this is a waste of time. The second is that even though you can do all of these steps perfect, if your son or daughter cannot play (You probably need a third party/coach to tell you because few parents don’t have their parental bias on at all times), these will not get them a scholarship.

I hate to say that but I know a lot of recruiting services make thousands of dollars because they get athletes who at most will play Division III athletics. This article is about earning a scholarship at the Division II or level higher. While it is not a not a guarantee of anything, these would be the same steps I would go through for my kids if they were at the high school level. Also, don’t bother doing these steps until your child has accomplished something at the varsity level in their chosen sport. Coaches don’t care about how your son dominated the freshman basketball team. Anyways, onto the five steps.

1.) Build a Recruiting Profile 
The first step to earning an athletic scholarship is to build a successful recruiting profile. Even for parents or athletes that lack computer skills, this is something that really can be easily done. The advantage of doing it on the computer in a Word document or PDF document is the ability to send it via email. You can use the Internet to your advantage and that is why putting this together is very helpful in the recruiting process. It allows you to quickly showcase your son or daughter’s accomplishments and saving you money by sending it through email.

2.) Find Schools that Match You 
The second step to earning an athletic scholarship is to finding school that match the athlete. In order to be successful at the college level, you need to think of a variety of things that could factor into the college decision process. Location is definitely one of the most important. If you are a homebody, it would be safe to say that you should look at in-state schools or programs that are in a certain mile radius.

3.) Market Your Child to Coaches 
The third step to earning an athletic scholarship is to market your child to the college coaches.  Look up colleges that fit your need ex: degree, and level.   After you have found those matches and put together your recruiting profile, now is the time to help your child get the attention he or she deserves.

4.) Make a Quality Highlight Tape 
The fourth step to earning an athletic scholarship is to put together a quality highlight video. Athletes in basketball rely on putting together a quality highlight recruiting video that showcases your abilities. If you have a bad tape, chances are that the college coaches will move on quickly. Unless you have already excelled at their camp, putting together a good highlight video is something that is essential for the recruiting process.  (If you are in need of a highlight video, email us info@HoopdreamsMag.com)

5.) Build a Website with Video
The fifth and final step to earning an athletic scholarship is to put together a website that provides stats and video of your child in action in their chosen sport. Some may consider this an egotistical thing to do for a cocky player but I consider this a smart investment that utilizes the Internet. It saves you money on producing more highlight videos as well as sending out the tapes. Having that video available by clicking on a link is something that makes things very simple for college coaches during the recruiting process.

Written by recruiting-101.com