Beantown Slam Pres Season League

The most noteworthy game of Saturday night at the beantownslam which was moved to the beautiful New Mission gymnasium was a matchup of two perennial powers in Catholic Memorial and New Mission.  New Mission started hot jumping out early to a 13-4 lead and had control for most of the 1st half.

CM picked it up in the second half as you would expect from a senior laden team.  Down by as many as 11 in the second, 38-27 Cm started to pressure new missions guards and scored 13 straight to go up three.  New mission could never find a reliable offensive weapon in the half court which was there downfall.  Final score was 53-49.

Players who impressed

Fred Rivers 6-5 Senior  New Mission

The burly 6-5 does a little bit of everything for New Mission.  As he has the ability to stretch the D with a consistent shot and also drive the ball.  He finished with 15 points 8 rebounds against a fairly big CM team.

Asante Sandiford 6-4 Senior New Mission

6-4 Combo forward who can play on the perimeter but is primarily used in the post on a smaller new mission team.  Showed his athleticism by finishing in traffic and routinely getting to the line.  Figures to be one of the more explosive players in mass this year.

Finished with 10 points and 6 rebounds

Aahmahne Santos 5-9 Junior Catholic Memorial

Best player in the gym the whole night.  Was the leading catalyst for CM comeback win as he controlled tempo and really bothered the guards for new mission defensively.  After transferring back to CM from Redemption Christian he figured to be one of the best players in Mass regardless of class.

Second game of the night was a mismatch as a young Brighton team played Brimmer and May.  Brimmer and May jumped on the young Brighton team early and often as they opened the game on a 19-1 run .  There lead was 38-20 with just under 10 minutes before a furious Brighton rally cut the lead to 40-32 but after some made free throws Brimmer hung on but Brighton looks to be one of the best city teams once again this year after winning the division 2 stats title last year.

Jason Jones 6-5 Junior Brighton

Tough as nails forward who was not intimidated by Brimmers big frontline.  And was the guiding force behind Brightons comeback.  Looks to be the centerpiece of a talented Brighton team that can compete with anyone.  Finished with 8 points and 10 rebounds

Andrew Simpson 6-5 Sophmore  Brimmer and May

Ultra talented combo forward that showed his versatility and motor.  Defensively his presemce was more than enough as the undersized Brighton team had no answer for him.

With a couple more years of high school and aau ball he should defelop into a premier division one player

Finished with 10 points 6 rebounds and 4 blocks