Moses Toriola Picks Books Over Ball

Moses Toriola a 6’10 Nigerian import arrived on US soil with a dream to receive an education while playing the game he loves, Basketball.

Toriola has all the tools you can’t teach, size, length, and most important heart.  Lacking in skill and muscle mass were suppose to be Moses biggest obstacles to over come. With limited action on an experienced Kimball Union Academy team, Toriola worked hard. Taking advantage of his lack of playing time, he worked on his game to over come those obstacles.

Playing his AAU ball with the Nike Sponsored Expressions Elite, Toriola was preparing for a break out summer, waking up daily working on his game determined to prove everyone who ever doubted him wrong.

“His work ethic is what separates him from the rest of his peers, he wants to be great and he wont stop until he gets to that level” states Tyron Boswell Expressions Elite coach.

When your dream starts to become blurry, it means its time to take action. Toriola’s dream became just that, a bit blurry when he found out he needed to take an extra math class to meet NCAA requirements to become qualified.  It turned out that this math class would consume all of July, which meant he would not be able to participate in July’s Live Period. The choice was simple and Toriola made the right decision, as he attended the Wolfeboro School (NH) and received an A for the math class.

“Moses is going to shock not only college coaches but the AA league as well, he will have a breakout High School season, along with a big time summer. Coaches should make there way to Meridian (NH), Kimball Union has a gem who is 6’10” with a 7’4″ wing span in Toriola.”  States Boswell.