2017 Top Wings at Elite 75

This past Sunday Hoop Dreams Magazine was on hand for one of New England’s top recruiting events the Elite 75 which took place at the University Sports Complex in Hanover, Massachusetts. The Elite 75 frosh/soph addition serves as an event that gives the New England basketball community its first look of future elite high school player’s in the region. The event has introduced some of New England to its elite players like Wayne Selden, Ricardo Ledo, and Noah Vonleh before their names became nationally known.                                                                           

This year was no different, in this article we will highlight some of the top 2017 wings at this year’s event.

In the Class of 2017

Jermaine Samuels coming into the event was projected to be one of the top players regardless of class, and that he was. The 6’6 wing showcased his dominant slashing ability, with drives that ended either with a one or two-handed slam-dunk.  What was on display this Sunday was a player who has a good offensive feel for the game, he did not force things too much but was still dominant.

Kimani Lawrence was another player who came into the event with a lot of hype who didn’t disappoint. He played with a lot of energy, attacking the glass for rebounds, as well as attacking the rim for put backs, knocking down jump shots, and looked comfortable putting the ball on the floor.  In Kamani you can sense a bit of hunger, if fostered correctly he will turn into something real special. 

Jerome Dosrosiers a Canadian import to Northfield Mount Hermon, looked real good in the drills. He was comfortable putting the ball on the floor and majority of his finishes were slam-dunks.  In the scrimmages he looked just as good, at times bringing the ball up the floor for his team and finishing at the rim with power. At NMH don’t be surprised to see him play the 2,3, and sometimes even at the 4 spot.

Malik Pouncey and Jaylin Hinton is two unknown’s that caught our attention. Malik standing at about 6’2 was a physical guard that made good drives to the basket.  He was able to beat his man a couple of times off the dribble. He posses a descent mid range, knocking down a couple of shots in scrimmages keeping the defenders honest.

Hinton also standing at around 6’2 made good things happen for his team with his play.  He played hard the whole time pushing the tempo whenever he had the ball in his hands.  He looked good in the open floor, even faking out a defender with the Rondo fake behind the back pass on a breakaway and finished with a nice layup.  Jaylin looks like he just had a growth spurt standing a bit knocked kneed, may not be used his new body. If he continues to grow and gets more comfortable with his body, there is no way he will remain an unknown