Making The Right Choice “Do The Right Thing”

When choosing a college make sure the school is the right fit for you and your future, the main goal is to graduate with a college degree.  Many think that the NBA is there calling, but statistics show that chances are very slim of making the NBA.

Many high school seniors have chosen their school because of the name, some because the coach recruited them hard and promised them the world.  What many don’t know is once you sign that NLI you are now a roster spot.  You cant take your ranking to college with you, everything is zeroed out, its you against another player fighting for minutes.  If you decided that you don’t want to fight anymore, or unhappy with your role/playing time, you will most likely transfer.

You are not alone per  & CBS the 2013 transfer list has reached nearly 425, as of May 21, 2013.  Below you will see the names of all players that are transferring and where once in your shoes and thought that there school of choice where the best fit for them.

The lesson in the story is simple, research the situation you are committing to, write questions down and don’t be afraid to ask lots of them.  Most of all understand that what a coach is telling you, he’s more then likely telling the same story to another recruit. “Do Your Home Work”


2013 Transfer List: Updated Edition — Nearly 425 players

Martins Abele, 7-1, C, Jr., Duquesne
Remy Abell, 6-4, G, Soph., Indiana — XAVIER
Patrick Ackerman, 6-11, F, Soph., Penn State
Anrio Adams, 6-3, G, Fr., Kansas
Jeremy Adams, 6-4, SG, Jr., Colorado (can play immediately)
Emmanuel Addo, 6-8, F, Jr., Northern Colorado (can play immediately) — MISSOURI STATE
Dorian Albritton, 6-4, G, Fr, VMI
Eddie Alcantara, 6-5, F, Fr., Western Kentucky — Blinn JC
Kory Alford, 6-4, G, Fr., New Mexico – UCLA
Aaron Alston, 6-7, F, Soph., Southern
Aaron Anderson, 6-3, G, Fr., Fresno — CENTRAL OKLAHOMA
David Andoh, 6-7, F, Fr., San Jose State — WAGNER
Raymone Andrews, 6-2, G, Soph., Lafayette — New Orleans, McNeese, Northwestern State
Dallas Anglin, 6-1, G, Fr., Hofstra
Kene Anyigbo, 6-5, F, Jr., Western Kentucky
Nick Arenz, 6-8, F, Fr., Green Bay — WINONA STATE
A.J. Astroth, 6-4, G, Fr., Vanderbilt
McWisdom Bedajo, 6-9, C, Fr., Florida A&M
Brandon Bailey, 6-6, F, Fr., Howard
Sterling Bailey, 6-3, SG, RS Soph., Nicholls State
Calvin Baker, 6-1, G, Fr., FAU
Yunio Barrueta, 6-4, G, Fr., East Tennessee State — BARRY
Jared Bartling, 6-8, F, Jr., South Dakota — WAYNE STATE
Antonio Barton, 6-2, G, Jr., Memphis (will graduate) — Maryland, Texas A&M, K-State, Tenn.
Jaylen Beckham, 6-0, G, Fr., Samford
Marcus Bell, 6-8, F, Jr., Idaho — SOUTHWEST BAPTIST UNIVERSITY
Deuce Bello, 6-3, G, Fr., Baylor — MISSOURI
Paris Bennett, 6-6, F, RS Jr., George Mason (can play immediately)
Kevin Berardini, 6-0, G, Sr., Illinois (can play immediately)
Marvin Binney, 6-2, G, Soph., Duquesne
Taylor Birchett, 6-4, G, Fr. Louisiana-Monroe
Michael Birts, 6-6, F, Soph., SIU-Edwardsville
Randall Black, 6-4, SG, Jr., South Carolina State
Tarik Black, 6-9, PF, Jr., Memphis (likely will graduate) — KANSAS
Vernell Blackmon, 6-5, F. Jr., Texas Arlington
Corey Blake, 6-4, G, Jr., New Orleans
Alex Blessig, 6-2, G, Fr., Florida Gulf Coast — ROLLINS
Brandon Bolden, 6-10, C. Fr., Georgetown — KANSAS STATE
Jaylen Bond, 6-7, F, Soph., Texas – TEMPLE
Theodore Boyomo, 6-9, C, Soph., Howard
Wayne Bradford, 6-3, G, Soph., Weber State
Joe Bramanti, 6-2, G, Fr., Wright State — NEW HAMPSHIRE
Nate Brandt, 6-6, G, Soph., Mississippi Valley State
Martin Breunig, 6-8, F, Soph., Washington — MONTANA
Maurice Briggs, 6-8, F, Jr., Morehead State
Ryan Bross, 7-1, C, Fr., Green Bay — CONCORDIA
Aaron Brown, 6-5, G, Soph., West Virginia — ST. JOSEPH’S
Alex Brown, 6-11, C, Jr., San Jose State
Jerry Brown, 6-7, F, Jr., Fresno — SANTA CLARA
K.J. Brown, 6-2, G, Sr., Binghamton
Kris Brown, 6-8, F, Fr., Arkansas State
Robert Brown, 6-5, Soph., Virginia Tech — UAB
Chris Bryant, 6-8, F, Fr., FAU
Jeff Budinich, 6-10, F, Jr., Montana State — CENTRAL WASHINGTON
Taran Buie, 6-2, G, Jr., Hofstra
Dominique Bull, 6-4, G, Fr., Missouri — GEORGE WASHINGTON
Adonis Burbage, 6-5, F, Soph., Central Connecticut
T.J. Burke, 6-8, F, Soph., UC Riverside
Zach Burnham, 6-7, F, Fr., Coppin State
Antoine Burrell, 6-7, F, Fr., Hartford
Jordan Burris, 6-7, SG, Jr., Nevada
Jarell Byrd, 6-6, F, Soph., Wofford
Jarrett Calhoun, 6-1, G, Soph., Troy
Jackson Carbajal, 6-3, SG, Jr., Sacramento State
Tariq Carey, 6-1, G, Fr., Quinnipiac
Casey Carroll, 6-8, F, RS Fr., Drexel — NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY
Eli Carter, 6-2, G, Soph., Rutgers — FLORIDA
Josh Castellanos, 6-1, G, Jr., Mount St. Mary’s (will graduate) — GARDNER-WEBB
Kam Cerroni, 6-2, G, Jr., Green Bay – ST. NORBERT’S
Justin Cheek, 6-3, SG, Jr., High Point
Ben Cherry, 6-1, G, Jr., Tulane — CHARLOTTE
Zach Chionuma, 6-5, G, Soph., Boston University — BRYANT
Angelo Chol, 6-9, PF, Soph., Arizona — SAN DIEGO STATE
Matt Citron, 6-7, PF, Fr., Presbyterian — ADELPHI
Manroop Clair, 6-2, G, Fr., Hawaii — SEATTLE 
Darion Clark, 6-8, F, Fr., Charlotte
Montray Clemons, 6-7, F, Fr., DePaul — PENSACOLA
T.J. Cline, 6-8, F, Fr., Niagara — RICHMOND
Patrick Cole, 6-5, G, Fr., Coppin State
Joe Coleman, 6-4, G, Soph., Minnesota
Tim Coleman, 6-10, C, Jr., Alabama State
Wade Collie, 6-6, G, Jr., Southern Utah
Dadrian Collins, 6-7, F, Jr., Howard (will graduate)
Will Cook, 6-4, G, Jr., Samford — BREVARD COLLEGE
Aaron Cosby, 6-2, G, Soph., Seton Hall — ILLINOIS
Jalen Courtney, 6-8, F, Jr., LSU — MOREHEAD STATE
Jalen Crawford, 6-2, G, Soph., Bradley
Mo Creek, 6-5, G, Jr., Indiana
Christian Crockett, 6-6, PF, Fr., Mount St. Mary’s
Dantiel Daniels, 6-5, F, Soph., Southern Illinois
Jarrod Davis, 6-6, F, Fr., Maryland-Eastern Shore
Jonathan Davis, 6-7, F, Soph., George Washington
Josh Davis, 6-8, PF, Jr., Tulane (can play immediately) — SAN DIEGO STATE
Rod Days, 6-6, SF, Soph., UCF
Brandon Dawson, 6-7, F, Jr., Kennesaw
Glen Dean, 5-10, G, Jr., Utah — IDAHO
Raul Delgado, 6-2, G, Jr., BYU — METRO STATE
Julian DeBose, 6-3, G, Soph., Rice
Deng Deng, 6-6, G, Fr., Long Beach State — CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD
Adrian Diaz, 6-10, PF, Soph., Kansas State
Dennis Diaz, 6-3, G, Soph., Stetson — FLAGLER
Jordan Dickerson, 7-0, C, Fr., SMU
Trevonte Dixon, 6-4, G, Soph., College of Charleston — FRANCIS MARION
Ibby Djimde, 6-8, F, Soph., Illinois
Gatete Djuma, 6-9, F, Fr, Long Beach State
Justin Dobbs, 6-2, G, Fr., Grambling State
Greg Dorleus, 6-9, F, Soph., Charleston Southern
Ivan Dorsey, 6-0, G, Jr., Eastern Washington — HAWAII PACIFIC
Gabe Dos Santos, 6-3, G, Fr., Detroit
Aaron Dotson, 6-4, G, Jr., Utah
Jimmie Duplessis, 6-4, G, Soph., Prairie View
Denzel Douglas, 5-11, G, Jr., Idaho
Bryce Douvier, 6-6, F, Soph., Northern Colorado
Stephon Drane, 6-7, F, Soph., Western Kentucky — WASHBURN
Jared Drew, 6-5, F, RS Fr., Saint Louis
Bobo Drummond, 5-11, G, Fr., Wright State
Osas Ebmomwani, 6-11, C, Jr., Lamar (will graduate)
Joe Edmonds, 6-5, G, RS Fr., San Francisco
Justin Edwards, 6-3, G, Soph., Maine – KANSAS STATE
Tyrel Edwards, 6-5, F, Soph., Canisius — CAMPBELLSVILLE
Jake Ehlers, 6-7, F, Fr, Portland
Ife Eke, 6-7, F, Soph., Louisiana-Monroe
Jon Ekey, 6-7, F, Jr., Illinois State (will graduate) — ILLINOIS
Devonte Elliott, 6-10, F, Jr., Nevada
Chuka Enah, 6-7, F, RS Fr., Florida A&M
Bruce English, 6-1, G, Soph., Loyola Marymount
Eric Fanning, 6-4, SG, Fr., Wagner — BOSTON UNIVERSITY
Javorn Farrell, 6-5, G, Fr., UMass (will graduate)
Mitch Farrell, 6-3, G, Fr., NJIT — WINDSOR
Drimir Ferguson, 5-8, G, Jr, NC Central
Jamal Ferguson, 6-5, F, Fr., Marquette
Chase Fischer, 6-2, G, Soph., Wake Forest — BYU
Naofall Folahan, 6-11, C, Jr., Wagner
Alasdair Fraser, 6-7, F, Jr., Maine
Tony Freeland, 6-7, F, Jr., Long Beach State
Josh Freelove, 6-2, G, Jr., Alabama State
Brian Freeman, 6-8, PF, Jr., Binghamton (can play immediately) – BOWIE STATE
Geoffrey Frid, 7-1, C, RS FR, California
Dylan Fritsch, 6-5, G, Jr., Jacksonville — CSU-PUEBLO
Lyonell Gaines, 6-6, F, Soph., IUPUI — MOREHEAD STATE
Spenser Gales, 6-7, F, Fr., Houston Baptist — COFFEYVILLE JC
Paul Garnica, 6-0, G, Jr., Northern Colorado
Amir Garrett, 6-6, SG, Soph., St. John’s — CAL STATE NORTHRIDGE
Louis Garrett, 6-6, F, Jr., San Jose State — DIXIE STATE
Vincent Garrett, 6-5, SG, Jr., Rutgers
Jimmy Gavin, 6-2, G, Soph., Bradley
Clide Geffrard Jr., 6-5, SG, Fr., Samford — NORTHWEST FLORIDA
Volo Gerun, 6-10, F, Soph., West Virginia — PORTLAND
Zach Ghormley, 6-4, G, Fr., Southern Utah
John Ross Glover, 6-4, G, Fr., Lipscomb — LEHIGH
Trae Golden, 6-2, G, Jr., Tennessee
Evan Gordon, 6-1, G, Jr., Arizona State (can play immediately) – INDIANA
Evin Graham, 6-3, G, Soph., Jacksonville
Jerron Granberry, 6-5, G, Sr., North Florida (can play immediately) — WYOMING
Josh Gray, 6-1, PG, Fr., Texas Tech — ODESSA JC
Juan’Ya Green, 6-3, G, Soph., Niagara — HOFSTRA
Kadeem Green, 6-8, F, Soph., Ohio
Terrelle Green, 6-2, G, Fr., Alabama State
Reggie Groves, 6-2, SG, Jr., Canisius (will graduate) —
Moussa Gueye, 7-0, C, Jr., Alabama (will graduate) — VALAPARAISO
D.J. Haley, 7-0, Jr., VCU
Jimmy Hall, 6-7, F, Fr., Hofstra — ASA COLLEGE
Chris Halvorsen, 6-8, F, Jr., Minnesota
Blake Hamilton, 6-5, SG, Fr., Northern Arizona
P.J. Hardwick, 5-10, PG, Fr., North Texas — ARKANSAS STATE
Austin Harper, 6-2, G, Jr., Eastern Michigan
James Harper, 6-5, G, Fr., Houston Baptist
Bryan Harris, 6-2, PG, Fr., Wofford – UMBC
Jon Harris, 6-8, F, Jr., Miami (Ohio)
Ryan Harrow, 6-0, PG, RS Soph., Kentucky — GEORGIA STATE
Cameron Harvey, 6-3, G, Fr., Eastern Illinois
Aaron Harwell, 5-10, PG, Jr., Sam Houston State
Kevin Hickson, 6-8, F, Fr., Wofford
Johnny Hill, 6-3, G, Soph., Illinois State
Jabarie Hinds, 5-11, G, Soph., West Virginia — UMASS
Reese Holliday, 6-4, F, Jr., Toledo
Enoch Hood, 6-9, F, Soph., James Madison — N.C. CENTRAL
Will Hornsby, 6-2, G, Fr., Grambling State
Antoine Hosley, 6-0, G, Jr., Utah Valley
Ky Howard, 6-3, G, Fr., NJIT
Pe’Shon Howard, 6-3, G, Jr., Maryland — USC
Twymond Howard, 6-6, F, Fr., UTEP
Mike Hundley, 6-9, F, Soph., Citadel
Korab Imami, 6-11, C, Fr., Oakland — TIFFIN
Patrick Ingram, 6-2, G, Fr., Iowa
Josh Ivory, 6-2, G, Fr., Cleveland State
Miles Jackson, 6-5, SG, RS Fr., Hampton
Jordan Jahr, 6-6, G, Jr., Evansville — TEXAS A&M – KINGSVILLE
Cordell James, 6-1, G, Fr., Morehead State
Jamaal James, 6-8, C, Jr., Southeast Louisiana
Marvin Jean, 6-4, G. Jr., Utah State
Jeremy Jeffers, 6-6, F, Soph., Drake
Garrett Jefferson, 6-3, G, Jr., Hawaii
Jonathan Jefferson, 6-6, F, Jr., Alabama State
Paul Jesperson, 6-7, SF, Soph., Virginia — Saint Louis, USC, Northern Iowa
Sheldon Jeter, 6-7, F, Fr., Vanderbilt
Anthony Johnson, 6-3, G, RS Soph., Purdue
DarryIn Johnson, 6-7, F, Fr., Coppin State
Donovan Johnson, 6-3, G, Fr., Cal State Northridge
Jermaine Johnson, 5-10, G, Fr., Canisius
Nevin Johnson, 6-5, G, Fr., Creighton
Steve Johnson, 6-7, C, Jr., Winthrop
Tajai Johnson, 6-2, G, Fr., UC Riverside
Isiah Jones, 6-4, G, Soph., UAB
Xavier Jones, 6-4, G, Jr., San Jose State
Charles Joy, 6-5, F, Soph., SIU-Edwardsville — CAMERON 
Blake Justice, 6-3, G, RS Fr., Akron
DeAndre Kane, 6-4, G, Jr., Marshall — Iowa State, Memphis, Pittsburgh
Michael Kessens, 6-9, F, Fr., Longwood — ALABAMA
Kimani Key, 6-0, G, Fr., Alabama State
Keala King, 6-5, G, Jr., Long Beach State
Khalid King, 6-2, G, Fr., N.C. A&T
Zeldric King, 6-7, F, Fr., Tulsa
Yasin Kolo, 6-10, F, Fr., East Carolina
Wes Koral, 6-3, G, Soph., Texas-Pan American — ILLINOIS-SPRINGFIELD
Lasan Kromah, 6-5, G, Sr., George Washington (can play immediately) — UCONN
Austin Kuemper, 6-9, C, Fr., Oregon
Trevor Lacey, 6-3, G, Soph., Alabama — North Carolina, Miami, N.C. State
Fred Landers, 6-5, G, Soph., North Florida — LYNN
Max Landis, 6-2, G, Soph., Gardner-Webb
Jarrell Lane, 6-0, G, Soph., UMBC
Devin Langford, 6-7, F, Fr., Illinois — KENTUCKY WESLEYAN
Herdie Lawrence, 6-1, G, Soph., Austin Peay
Jacob Lawson, 6-8, PF,, Soph., Purdue
Bryce Leavitt, 6-4, G. Fr., Washington State
Damien Leonard, 6-4, SG, Soph., South Carolina
Julien Lewis, 6-3, G, Soph., Texas
Trey Lindsey, 6-7, F, Soph., Louisiana-Monroe — ST. EDWARD’S
Leonard Livingston, 6-10, C, Fr., Florida Gulf Coast
Matt Lopez, 6-11, C, Soph., Utah State
Alex Lubsey, 6-6, F, Jr., Eastern Illinois
A.J. Lynch, 6-2, G, Fr., Austin Peay — SHELDEN STATE CC
Trent Mackey, 6-4, G, Soph., Louisiana-Monroe — NORTH FLORIDA
Sam Mader, 6-9, F, Fr., Northern Illinois
Akosa Maduegbunam, 6-3, G, Fr., Penn State
Jan Maehlen, 7-0, C, RS Soph., Pepperdine
R.J. Mahurin, 6-9, F, Jr., Indiana State — INDIANA WESLEYAN
Yemi Makanjuola, 6-9, C, Soph., Tennessee
Sandi Marcius, 6-9, C, Jr., Purdue (likely graduate) — DEPAUL
Arman Marks, 6-4, G, Soph., James Madison
Tre Marshall, 5-9, G, RS Fr., Southern
Kostadin “Dinko” Marshavelski, 6-11, C, Jr., Northeastern (graduating, pursuing professional opportunities in Bulgaria)
Chris Martin, 6-0, G, Soph., Marshall — MOUNT ST. MARY’S
Derrick Martin, 6-9, RS Soph., PF, Duquesne
Josh Mason, 6-3, G, Jr., Alabama State (will graduate)
Micah Mason, 6-2, G, Fr., Drake – DUQUESNE
Nick Mason, 6-1, G, Jr., Idaho State — HARDING UNIVERSITY
Keith Matthews, 6-5, SF, Jr., Fairfield — FAU, FIU, Florida A&M, Bethune-Cookman
Patrick Matthews, 6-6, F, Soph., Bryant
Tank Mayberry, 6-10, C, Soph., UTSA
DeMario Mayfield, 6-5, SG, Jr., Charlotte — MOREHEAD STATE
Blaise Mbargorba, 6-11, C, Fr., SMU
Sheldon McClellan, 6-4, G, Soph., Texas — Marquette, Oregon, Ill, Fresno, Miami
Ryan McCoy, 6-9, PF, Soph., Manhattan — GEORGE WASHINGTON (walk-on)
Erik McCree, 6-7, F, Fr., Murray State
Stuart McEwen, 6-8, F, Fr., Old Dominion — STONEHILL
Drew McGhee, 6-11, C, Jr., Miami (Ohio) – KENNESAW STATE
Andre McPhail, 6-7, F, Fr., Buffalo
Jon Mesghna, 6-6, F, Fr., Maine — MONTANA-BILLINGS
Blake McLimans, 6-10, F, Jr., Michigan (will graduate) — MIAMI (OHIO)
Hunter Mickelson, 6-10, F, Soph., Arkansas — KANSAS
Dominique Miller, 6-5, G, Fr., Alabama State
Lawrence Miller, 6-1, G, Soph., Citadel
J.J. Moore, 6-6, F, Jr., Pittsburgh
Willie Moore, 6-3, G. Fr., Oregon
Jesse Morgan, 6-5, G, Jr., UMass
Moses Morgan, 6-6, F, Jr., DePaul
Marin Mornar, 6-8, F, Fr., Loyola Marymount
Earvin Morris Jr., 6-5, SF, Fr., Kent State — TALLAHASSEE CC
Mike Moser, 6-8, F, Jr., UNLV (will graduate) — OREGON
A.J. Moutry, 6-1, G, Fr., Texas-Pan American
D.J. Muepo, 6-6, F, Fr., Lamar
Sultan Muhammad, 6-2, G, Jr., Green Bay
Abdel Nader, 6-7, F, Soph., Northern Illinois — IOWA STATE
Cameron Naylor, 6-7, F, Fr., North Florida — TALLAHASSEE CC
Victor Nickerson, 6-7, SG, Soph., Charlotte
Marc Eddy Norelia, 6-7, F, Fr., Tulane — FLORIDA GULF COAST
Jamal Nwaniemeke, 6-2, SG, Fr., Rider — EAST STROUDSBURG
Lotanna Nwogbo, 6-8, PF, Soph., Tulane
Manny Ochenje, 6-8, F, Soph., Pepperdine
Uche Ofoegbu, 6-4, G, Fr., SMU
Braxton Ogbueze, 6-0, G, Fr., Florida — CHARLOTTE
Brian Okam, 7-0, C, Jr., Appalachian State (will graduate)
Teddy Okereafor, 6-3, G, Soph., VCU — RIDER
Kerwin Okoro, 6-4, SG, Fr., Iowa State — RUTGERS
Kevin Olekaibe, 6-2, G, Jr., Fresno
Royce O’Neale, 6-5, G, Soph., Denver — BAYLOR
Michael Onuorah, 6-2, G, Soph., IPFW
Mike Orris, 6-2, G, Fr., Kansas State — NORTHERN ILLINOIS
Clarke Overlander, 6-5, G, Fr., North Texas — ARKANSAS TECH
Xavier Owens, 6-5, F, Soph., Mount St. Mary’s
Chris Page, 6-5, SG, Fr., Albany — St. Rose, Wisc-Parkside, Tampa, Southern Indiana
Kevin Panzer, 6-9, F, Jr., Nevada
Kelvin Parker, 6-3, SG, Soph., Mount St. Mary’s
Darius Paul, 6-8, F, Fr., Western Michigan — ILLINOIS
Ozren Pavlovic, 6-8, F, Fr., Hawaii
Cully Payne, 6-1, G, Jr., Loyola (Ill.)
Errick Peck, 6-6, F, Sr., Cornell (will graduate) — PURDUE
Billy Pecora, 6-2, G, Fr., Northern Kentucky
David Pellom, 6-8, F, Sr., George Washington (can play immediately) — MEMPHIS
Chris Perez, 6-3, G, Jr., Stetson — CANISIUS
Brandon Perry, 6-7, F, Fr., Cal State Northridge – SAN DIEGO
Matt Poches, 6-4, G, Soph., Oakland — FERRIS STATE
Mike Poole, 6-5, G, Jr., Rutgers — IONA
Dylan Poston, 6-4, G, Fr., Mercer — DAYTONA STATE 
AJ Price, 6-2, G, Fr., UTSA — MCLENNAN JC
Jodan Price, 6-5, SG, Fr., DePaul — EASTERN MICHIGAN
Taevuann Prince, 6-3, G, Soph., South Dakota State
Rodney Purvis, 6-2, SG, Fr., NC State — UCONN
Erik Raleigh, 6-8, F, RS Fr., Central Connecticut
Mike Ramey, 6-4, G, Fr., Ball State – MIAMI DADE
Derrick Randall, 6-8, PF, Soph., Rutgers
Willie Readus, 6-6, F, Jr., Jackson State — DELTA STATE
Brandon Reed, 6-3, G, Jr., Georgia Tech — ARKANSAS STATE
Bruce Reed, 6-7, F, Jr., Morehead State – PIKEVILLE
Brian Richardson, 6-4, G, Jr., South Carolina
Kyle Richardson, 6-7, F, Jr., Long Beach State — Portland State
Alexander Ridley, 6-11, C, Fr., Central Arkansas
Allen Roberts, 6-3, G, Jr., Miami (Ohio) (can play immediately)
Cleon Roberts, 6-5, SG, Fr., Georgia Southern — LA SALLE
Derrell Robertson, 6-10, C, Soph., DePaul
Christian Robbins, 6-11, C, Fr., Southern Miss
Jacoby Roddy, 6-5, F, Wright State — LINCOLN TRAIL CC
Deon Rodgers, 6-6, F, Fr., Texas Arlington
Angel Rodriguez, 5-11, G, Soph., Kansas State — MIAMI
Kaileb Rodriguez, 6-9, F, RS Fr., California — SHERIDAN COLLEGE
Frank Rogers, 6-9, F, Soph., San Francisco
L.J. Rose, 6-4, G, Fr., Baylor
Preston Ross, 6-4, F, Jr., Western Carolina
Jacob Rossi, 6-8, F, Fr., Northern Kentucky — SINCLAIR CC
Justin Rossi, 6-8, F, Fr., Northern Kentucky
Julian Royal, 6-8, F, Soph., Georgia Tech — GEORGE MASON
Robert Sampson, 6-8, F, Jr., East Carolina
RaAnthony Sanders, 6-4, G, Fr., Tulane
Larry Savage, 6-5, F, Soph., Delaware
DD Scarver, 6-4, G, Jr., Marshall
R.J. Scott, 6-4, G, Jr., Troy
Skylar Scrivano, 6-9, C, Soph., Columbia — RIDER
Jerome Seagears, 6-1, G, Soph., Rutgers — AUBURN
Justin Seymour, 6-3, G, Fr., Utah
Terrance Shannon, 6-8, F, Jr., Florida State (will graduate) — VCU
Umar Shannon, 5-11, G, Jr., St. Francis (Pa.)
Mike Shaw, 6-8, F, Soph., Illinois — BRADLEY
Shayok Shayok, 6-7, F, Soph., Bradley — UMKC
Jeff Short, 6-4, SG, Soph., Fordham
R.J. Slawson, 6-8, F, Jr, South Carolina
Eric Smith, 5-11, G, Jr., South Carolina — COASTAL CAROLINA
Malik Smith, 6-2, G, Jr., FIU — MINNESOTA
Rhett Smith, 6-7, F, Fr., Indiana State — HILLSDALE
Stephen Smith, 6-8, F, Soph., San Jose State
Cameron Solomon, 6-3, G, Soph., Georgia State
Ryan Spadaford, 6-4, G, Fr., Navy
Akeem Springs, 6-3, G, Fr., Northern Illinois
Kirk Stainbe, 6-5, F, Fr., Longwood
Ahmad Starks, 5-9, PG, Jr., Oregon State — Ilinois
Gavin Stephenson, 6-3, G, Fr., VMI
Jourdan Stickler, 6-4, G, Fr., Morehead State
Jarrett Stokes, 6-2, G, Jr., Morehead State
Shaquille Stokes, 5-10, G, Soph., Hofstra
Mario Stramaglia, 6-1, SG, Fr., East Tennessee State
Tyler Sugiyama, 5-10, PG, RS Jr., USC (can play immediately)
Bernard Sullivan, 6-8, F, Soph., Clemson — CHARLOTTE
Jared Tadlock, 6-9, C, Soph., Miami (Ohio)
Ameen Tanksley, 6-6, G, Soph., Niagara — HOFSTRA
Ricky Tarrant, 6-2, G, Soph., Tulane — ALABAMA 
De’Aires Tate, 6-6, F, Fr., Sacred Heart
Anthony Taylor, 6-3, G, RS Jr., Longwood
Diamond Taylor, 6-4, G, Jr., Southern Illinois
Larry Taylor, 6-1, G, Fr., Liberty
Quincy Taylor, 6-0, G, Jr., UAB
Jarvis Thibadeaux, 6-8, F, Fr., Presbyterian
Lewis Thomas, 6-7, F, Soph., UC Santa Barbara
Raphell Thomas-Edwards, 6-6, F, Soph., Buffalo — GANNON
J.J. Thompson, 6-0, G, Soph., Houston
Jordan Threloff, 6-10, C, Soph., Illinois State — NORTHERN ILLINOIS
P.J. Torres, 6-4, G, Soph., Duquesne
David Travers, 6-0, G, Fr., Georgia State
Darryl Traynham, 5-9, G, Soph., Morgan State
Justin Tuoyo, 6-9, F, Fr., VCU
Estan Tyler, 6-1, G, Soph., UMKC
Zeke Upshaw, 6-6, SF, RS Jr., Illinois State
Parker U’u, 6-5, G, Fr., Hartford
Christophe Varidel, 6-2, G, Jr, Florida Gulf Coast — CHAMINADE
Vertrail Vaughns, 6-2, G, Jr., George Mason (will graduate) — NORTH TEXAS
Kyle Vinales, 6-1, G, Soph., Central Connecticut
Kris Walden, 6-1, G, Soph., Towson
Demetrius Walker, 6-2, G, Jr., New Mexico (will graduate)
Marcus Ware, 6-8, F, Jr., Monmouth
Dee Washington, 6-4, F, Fr., USC Upstate
Eric Washington, 5-10, G, Soph., Presbyterian
Kentrell Washington, 6-3, G, Fr., Hofstra
Lonnie Watson, 6-4, SG, RS Soph., Cal State Northridge (will graduate)
Eric Weary, 6-5, G, Fr., New Mexico State
Jordan Weaver, 6-3, G, RS Soph., Arkansas State — ARKANSAS-MONTICELLO
Hondo Webb, 6-2, G, Soph., Lamar — McMurry
Negus Webster-Chan, 6-7, G, Fr, Missouri — HAWAII
Eric Weisenbach, 7-0, C, Fr., Tennessee Tech
Jordan Wejnert, 6-6, G, Soph., UMBC
B.J. West, 6-11, C, Jr., New Mexico State — ALCORN
Terry Whisnant III, 6-3, G, Soph., Florida State – EAST CAROLINA
Jake White, 6-8, F, Soph., Wichita State — NEBRASKA-OMAHA
Trent Wiedeman, 6-8, F, Jr., College of Charleston — GEORGIA SOUTHERN
Coron Williams, 6-2, G, Jr., Robert Morris (will graduate) — WAKE FOREST
DavRon Williams, 6-6, F, Soph., NC Central
Donald Williams, 6-5, G, Jr., Maryland-Eastern Shore
Drew Wilson, 6-7, F, Soph., Missouri State
Quevyn Winters, 6-5, F, Fr., Duquesne
Will Wise, 6-8, F, Soph., UMBC
Dominic Woodson, 6-10, C, Fr., Baylor
Justin Wright, 6-5, F, Jr., Troy
Achraf Yacoubou, 6-4, SG, Soph., Villanova
Andre Yates, 6-0, G, Fr., Creighton
Dominique Youmans, 6-10, C, Jr., South Carolina State (will graduate)
Aquil Younger, 6-0, PG, Soph., Drexel
Duce Zaid, 6-2, G, Soph., Weber State
Trey Zeigler, 6-5, SG, Jr., Pittsburgh — TCU
Luka Zivkovic, 6-7, F, Soph., Fordham

Here is the 2013 Midseason Transfer List, which included more than 50 players who left prior to the second semester:


Shareif Adamu, 6-8, F, Jr., Auburn
Daniel Alexander, 6-9, F, RS Fr., Texas A&M – GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY
Kelvin Amayo, 6-4, G, Fr., Marshall — IONA
Paul Bayt, 6-4, G, Fr., Manhattan – INDIANA (WALK-ON)
Tevin Bracey, 6-2, G, Jr., Missouri State
Riley Bradshaw, 6-2, G, Fr., Utah State – MONTANA
Scott Bruzvoort, 6-5, G, Soph., Albany – QUINCY UNIVERSITY
Antonio Bryer, 6-6, F, Jr., Southern Illinois
Jason Carter, 6-8, F, Jr., Mississippi – ARKANSAS STATE
Keith Carter, 6-1, G, Fr., Saint Louis – VALPARAISO
Dorian Cason, 6-7, F, Soph., Portland
Bishop Daniels, 6-3, G, Fr., Miami – ASA JUNIOR COLLEGE
Jordan Daniels, 5-8, G, Soph., Boston College – DRAKE
Keith Davis, 6-9, F, Jr., Texas A&M – SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY
Delino Dear, 6-9, C, Jr., Toledo
Michael Dixon, 6-2, G, Sr., Missouri
Justin Dobbs, 6-3, G, Fr., Grambling State
Chris Harrison-Docks, 6-0, G, Fr., Butler – WESTERN KENTUCKY
Dalante Dunklin, 6-0, G, Fr., UCSB
Ben Eblen, 6-0, G, Sr., Alabama (will graduate)
Arthur Framery, 6-3, G, Fr., Mississippi Valley State
Malcolm Gilbert, 6-11, C, RS Soph., Pittsburgh – FAIRFIELD
Lionel Gomis, 6-8, F, Soph., Siena
Bryan Harris, 6-2, G, Fr., Wofford
Mykel Harris, 6-7, F, Soph., Monmouth
Chris Harrison-Docks, 6-0, G, Soph., Butler – WESTERN KENTUCKY
Chrishawn Hopkins, 6-1, SG, Jr., Butler – WRIGHT STATE
Logan Irwin, 6-0, G, Fr., Stetson — GRACE COLLEGE
Trency Jackson, 6-2, G, Soph., Texas Tech — WESTERN KENTUCKY
John Johnson, 6-1, G, Soph,., Pittsburgh – PENN STATE
Ty Johnson, 6-3, G, Soph., Villanova – SOUTH CAROLINA
Maurice Jones, 5-7, PG, Jr., USC – IOWA STATE
Jarred Jourdan, 6-4, G, Soph., Liberty
Brandan Kearney, 6-5, G, Soph., Michigan State – ARIZONA STATE
Tyler Lamb, 6-5, G, Jr., UCLA – LONG BEACH STATE
Zach Lillie, 6-8, F, Fr., USC Upstate
A.J. Mathew, 6-2, G, Soph., Toledo — CHAMINADE
R.J. McGee, 6-6, F, Fr., Eastern Illinois — ROGERS STATE
Arthur McMillan, 6-6, F, Soph., Samford — ST. CATHERINE
Devon McMillan, 5-10, G, Soph., Fordham
Jon Miller, 6-2, G, Sr., Eastern Illinois (will graduate)
Reggie Moore, 6-1, 180, G, Sr., Washington State – WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
Matthew Moss, 6-9, F, Fr., Lafayette — MCNEESE
Angel Nunez, 6-8, SF, Soph., Louisville – GONZAGA
Chris Olivier, 6-8, F, Fr., Northern Iowa — EASTERN ILLINOIS
Keegan Pace, 6-0, G, Soph., UNC Wilmington — CASE WESTERN
Jessie Pernell, 6-1, G, Soph., Georgia Southern
Zach Peters, 6-9, F, Fr., Kansas — ARIZONA
T.J. Sapp, 6-2, G, Soph., Clemson — MURRAY STATE
Antwan Scott, 6-2, G, Jr., Idaho
Josh Smith, 6-9, C, Jr., UCLA – GEORGETOWN
Freddie Wilson, 6-2, G, Soph., Seton Hall – DREXEL
Avery Woodson, 6-2, G, Fr., Southeastern Louisiana – EAST MISSISSIPPI CC