Damion Smith chooses Lee College (TX)

Damion Smith has become a household name to many in the inner city of Boston, over a year ago we ran a story on Smith who was a two-sport sensation while attending La Lumiere School (IN).

Financial difficulties forced Smith to leave the school and come back to Boston to finish his high school career.  When he returned home Smith joined the Expressions Elite team who peaked during July’s live period, Smith was a big reason why the team had success.  During the process landing various scholarships offers including Rutgers University.

One thing that would haunt Smith and has throughout his whole life was academics, Smith finally got his act together with the support of the entire community pushing him to do better. Malik Smith, Tyron Boswell, Will Blaylock, Stevie Hailey, Leo Papile, Eggie McCray Joe Chatman and Damen.

All have played a valuable role in Damion’s life at some point and time, fast forward April 30, 2013 Damion Smith has signed a national Letter of Intent to Lee Jr. College (TX) a school full of rich tradition who annually produce scholarship players, under Head coach Roy Champagne.

“What made me turn things around was I didn’t want to be just a player from the city that had the talent and didn’t do anything with it.”

“I didn’t want to let the people down that believed in me,” says Smith about how he felt about letting people in the Boston community down.

“Lee has a great program, great coaching staff and they are all about getting players ready for the next level”

I would like to thank my family, friends and everyone who understood my situation, and most importantly those who never gave up on me.