Richard Willams commits to Hofstra University

Richard Williams is off the board; today he has announced his commitment to Hofstra University. Richard Williams took the long journey in order to come full circle.  Williams a native of New York transferred to Vermont Academy (VT) a preparatory school located in Vermont. There Williams learned the value of independence and well as accountability.

“It’s relieving that the process is over, this will definitely allow me to focus on the rest of my high school season”

When asked what made Williams choose Hofstra University, “They have been recruiting me the longest, I have built a great relationship with the coaching staff, most importantly the Head Coach Mo Cassara, and I just felt very comfortable.

A question that has come up in the past would be what position Williams will play at the college level.

“I will play the 2/3 and will work hard to get better handle,” said Williams. “All I want to do is make my mother proud, she has four kids and I’m the only one to go to college.”