Aaron Falzon

Aaron Falzon: Patiently Waiting For My Time To Shine

A lot of prep players at times feel like they’re underrated and being under recruited. Aaron Falzon falls into both categories but as a young prospect in the class of 2015 he’ll have plenty of time to prove his worth.

“I feel like I got work to do, especially on my athleticism,” Said Falzon on areas he needs to improve on in his game.

Falzon also spoke about how he doesn’t step on the court for the pub and more focused on ways to get better.

“It doesn’t bother me too much, because I know my hard work will  pay of eventually.”

The 6’8 forward has range on his shot that extends beyond the arc and post-game that’s showing much improvement.

“I think can play either 4 or 3 in college depending on the match-up. If the player is smaller I can post up, and if he is bigger and slower than me, I can expose him on the perimeter,” said Falzon on his style of play. “But to play the 3 in college I will have to get quicker, and better defensively to guard the perimeter.”

Your work ethic as a young prospect should be second to known if you feel as if your name should be mentioned with the top players in your class.

“On Game day I usually try to get to the gym at least 3 hours before the game and shoot around. Then before layup lines I try to envision ways I can impact the game and focus on the keys coach goes over in pre-game.”

Falzon recently picked up his first division one scholarship offer from Boston University.