One on One with Matt Donahue





6’1 SG Matt Donahue was born with a basketball in his hands. Donahue comes from a long line of brothers that are exceptional basketball players. Sam and Jackson Donahue are currently receiving Scholarship level interest. Donahue being the youngest of the family could be the best of the brothers. Matt Donahue has displayed high level shooting range and performances including 9 threes in a half. Donahue continues to improve as he was playing his best basketball towards the end of the aau season with the RI Hawks.



What do you want to do when you grow up?(besides basketball)

-Get into business world in some way.(if basketball doesnt workout)

You are part of an AAU Program, correct? What has been the best part of being with that program?

-Rhode Island Hawks and getting to meet new people, and the coaches helping me get better and improve my game and giving me the chance to play for their team.

Do you plan to visit any prep schools this fall? Have you previously visited any schools?

– I haven’t planned on visiting preps schools. The only one I’ve visited is NMH because my brother goes there.

What are the strong points of your game?
– Shooting and playing team basketball, and being a leader on the court.

What part of your game needs work?
– Handling the ball, and getting quicker feet.

Whats your dream college to attend?
– Uconn

My pro comparison?

– Kevin Durant, because he can shoot the ball, but doesn’t have a lot of body strength but can still compete against any type of competition.
Favorite TV Show?

– NBA TV, ESPN, and Entourage.

Game Day music?
– Lil Wayne, Drake, Wale

Favorite sneakers?
– Jordan 2011’s, Huaraches 2k4’s.