USA Wins Gold (CP3 Olympic 7’s)

The USA men’s basketball team wins gold by beating Spain, 107-100. With all the talks about comparing this USA team to the ’92 Dream Team the answer to that question will always go either way depending on who you talk to.

The Americans would have a lead on Spain by only one point after three quarters, a hard fought, gritty battle that anyone would ask for in an Olympic final. The Americans found themselves matched up against a NBA frontline made up of Serge Ibaka along with 7 ft brothers Marc and Pau Gasol. But with pure dominance throughout the Olympics, the Americans were not going to settle for anything other than gold. The scoring power of Lebron James and company proved to be too much at the end of the contest.

After celebrating a gold medal win, Chris Paul took to his instagram to show off his gold medal, along with a rare pair of Olympic 7’s. The photo went viral instantly, and ended up being a trending topic on many social media outlets. No word on a release date or any information on these shoes









Photo Courtesy: Bleacher Report