Chuck “Hungry For More” Hannah








6’3 Forward Chuck Hannah ran with the Mplex and MABC  aau teams during previous aau seasons.Hannah starred with Jermaine Samuels to form one of the top duos in New England. Hannah continues to improve his skill. Hannah has become more of a perimeter player. As a rising 8th grader look for Hannah to have a breakout season during the winter travel league.


What do you want to do when you grow up?(besides basketball)

-I want to become a Sports Manager

You are part of an AAU Program, correct? What has been the best part of being with that program
-I have been apart of an AAU program since I was in the 4th grade. The best part of being in an AAU program is traveling to the nationals to play against other teams across the country.

Do you plan to visit any prep schools this fall? Have you previously visited any schools?
Yes, I plan to visit prep schools this fall and I have previously visited Rivers in Weston, MA and Fessenden in West Newton, MA.

What are the strong points of your game?
The strong points of my game are rebounding, mid range shooting, post moves, defense, and passing.

What part of your game needs work?
The parts of my game that need work are dribbling, aggressiveness, finishing around the basket, and free throws.

Whats your dream college to attend?
My dream college to attend is the University of Kentucky or Harvard University.

My pro comparison?
My pro comparison is Zach Randolph (Memphis Grizzlies).

Favorite TV Show?
My favorite TV show is NBA Gametime.

Favorite Gametime music
My Game Day music is Riot by 2 Chainz.

Favorite sneakers?
My favorite sneakers are Nike Hyperize.

Favorite Athlete?
My favorite athlete is LeBron James.