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Abdul Malik Abu: “The Monster”

July to many has been the month of sunshine, but to some student athletes it’s the time to shine.  One player took full advantage of the evaluation period; he goes by the name of Abdul Malik Abu, the 6’8” 230 pound “Monster” runs with Expressions Elite during the AAU season, Abdul went into July with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.

When asked what type of chip he has placed on his shoulder Abdul states “ Cool Ranch Doritos lol, it was placed there right after my high season, we fell short of our goal, so my main focus was to get in the gym and work as hard as I possibly could”

Some people were surprised to see Abdul taking and making three point shots, as well as taking his defender off the dribble.   “ Yes after my high school season my self and coach Tyron Boswell began to work day in and day out, we’re in the gym working on game situation shots and getting in the weight room working on my strength and quickness.  During afternoon workouts I worked in the pool on lateral quickness and it has paid off.

July for Abdul meant more than just basketball, it meant sacrificing his mind body & soul, Abdul and his family practice the Islamic religion.  This year Ramadan started on July 20th  –August 19th.  During this time frame Abdul was fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset.  This means that Abdul couldn’t eat until 8:30pm, which meant playing two, three games with no food in his system and most importantly no fluid to drink ex: Gatorade, water.

“ Myself along with my teammates had a goal, to go out and compete to win every event that we were scheduled to play.  I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from reaching that goal, it was mind over matter”

Your latest offer comes from UConn, U. Miami, Maryland, West Virginia, Temple, and Seton Hall. How do you feel about getting so many high Major offers?

“I’m grateful of the fact that these HM programs believe in my abilities to perform on and off the court.  All this recruitment and attention is something that I have worked my whole life for, I’ll continue to work with the same heart and desire as if I don’t hold any offers”

Abdul plans to visit UConn along with his teammate Jared Terrell who has been offered by UConn as well.  Abdul also will visit Maryland and Temple before the end August.