Facing Adversity on the Road

Malik Abdul-Abu competes with the Expressions Elite on the AAU circuit and one of the fastest rising prospects in the country. Abu is dealing with bit of adversity of trying to balance basketball and practice his belief while on the road. Malik Abdul-Abu is a muslim who is fasting during the live period as part of his religion.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast during the daylight by abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. They also fast or restrain from evil actions, thoughts and words.

“I can’t eat or drink, and i pray 5 times a day,  says a charismatic 6’8 Pf. Fasting isn’t something I expect to hold me back but instead make me stronger.”

Many of the Muslim athletes expected to compete at the London Olympics have come out and said they postpone fasting until after competition. Although Malik  is not an Olympian but is still a young athlete that finds himself playing a total of 7-8 games in a 3 day span will continue to fast.

“It’s a mental thing, mind over body. I’ve done it before but never during during live period so this should be a interesting summer.”

Abdul-Abu never fails to mention his teammates in whatever he’s involved in.

“with the help of my teammates, they will get me through it.”

Wish Malik the very best of luck during live period