Damion Smith “Product of the Environment”

Damion Smith grew up in bromely heath project development located in the heart of Roxbury Ma, a well known inner-city (project) that has seen its share of violence.  Known to some as ghetto but to Damion it was home,  and has been since October 22 of 1995.

A product of a single parent household, Damion always knew he had to be special in order to have a chance of moving his family out of there current situation.

“I wasnt even living in a full house with really no money but I guess it was life” states Damion on his conditions of living in the project development.

“When I was about 12 or 13 my older brother (Malik Smith) went off to prep school Notre Damn Academy so I had to be the man of the house because our dads was nowhere to be found”  Usually times like this you would read how a kid turned to the streets because they had no choice.  Not the case in this story when times got tough Damion fought back, he fought back through sports.  He was introduced to football and quickley became a star while playing pop Warner, he excelled so much on the grid iron he willed his team to the pop warner Superbowl in Orlando Florida.

Damion also played basketball, he was strong smart and athletic for his age and dominated all throughout his middle school playing days.  “Freshman year at West Roxbury wasn’t really good I didn’t do as good as I would have liked”  states Smith on how his freashmen year at West Roxbury High school went.

The summer of 2011 Damion joined the famed BABC program, a basketball club that has produced numerous NBA as well as college basketball players.  Damion at this point traded in his cleats for a pair of nike’s and didnt have any plans on looking back.  He traveled the AAU circuit racking up win after win with his BABC team, capturing the 9th grade  AAU National Championship where Damion averaged over 25 pts throughout the national event held in Little Rock Arkansas.

Faced with a tough decision academically Damion had to become a young man fast, with the guidance of coach Eggie McRae along with Smith’s family, smith enrolled into La Lumiere School (IN) a highly touted prep school.  Smith was accepted into the school under the condition that he would  play two sports, his sport of choice was football.  The cleats where removed from the closet and Damion was back on the grid-iron ready to make his mark in the state of Indiana.

Damion impressed the coaches so much that he was playing Quarterback and wide receiver, this all from a sophomore in high school.  Smith went on to score more then 25 touchdowns for the season and has raised interest from more then 12 high major football programs.

Now with basketball season around the corner Smith will test his talent againt bigger and strong players on a national level.

If anyone can accept the challenge it would be smith, “I’m a survivor I have seen it all growing up, from close friends being murdered to having to warm my house up using the stove”

Smith is destined to become a successful athlete, whether its on the court or the grid-iron you will remember his name Damion Smith.


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