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“Ricardo Ledo Misunderstood, while chasing his Dream”

Ricardo Ledo is considered one of the most prolific scores that New England has seen in the last five years and counting.  Ledo gives the fans a show for there admission cost, he’s an explosive athlete and a strong finisher around the basket; very capable of scoring 35 nightly with effortless fashion.  Ranked the #1 shooting guard in the class of 2012 by Rivals.com.  Scout.com says “Arguably the best scorer in the 2012 class, Ledo has the ability to put the ball in the basket in a variety of ways.”

Ricardo seems to have gotten a bad name in the media, all in regards to people not understanding a young man with a mission.  His mission is to become a successful young man and make his family proud of him while reaching his goals.  “ Step into my world he says, and look into my future, it took me eighteen years to get where I’m at and I refuse to look back”

Before playing with the Expressions Elite program, Ledo was an unknown talent waiting for his chance at stardom.  His chance came as Expressions gave Ledo the stage to perform nationally and the young prospect was able to establish himself as one of the best players in his class rather quickly, and has NBA potential written all over him.  We sat down with Ricardo after one of his workouts at South Kent and spoke about recruiting, AAU, as well as his ranking.  Ricardo will be at Providence College today on a official visit while mid-night madness is taking place.

What where some of the reasons why you committed to PC?

“I committed to Providence College Because I had a good relationships with the coaches, I felt that they where the best program that fit my style of play.  And I could stay close to home and have my family and friends come see all of my games.”  

Bringing the excitement back to Providence is the # 1 priority of Ricardo’s

“I’m from Providence born and raised, and so is the head coach Ed Cooley, It’s a feel good story but at the same time we have the #4 recruiting class in the country we can fill up the Dunkin Donuts Center and hopefully be one of the better teams in the Big East.”


As it looks PC has a great group of highly touted guards, what about the front court are you helping to recruit front court players to take PC to the next level.

 “Now that myself and Kris Dunn have committed to PC and we have good guard play, I am now helping out big time with recruiting some biggs.   There are allot of good biggs available in the class of 2012, I’m definitely reaching out to them”

You are part of the Expressions AAU program, correct?  What has been the best part of being with that program?

“The best part about playing with Expressions was the loyalty and how they helped there players, It was times that I made the wrong choices in life like any 16,17 year old kid would do.  But instead of turning there backs on me the program stuck by me and helped me get through whatever it was that I was facing.  I was able to be invited to every elite camp there was with the help of Expressions, from Lebron to Kevin Durant camp and etc.  If your loyal to them they are loyal to you, they have helped me out tremendously I owe them allot.” 

What do you say to those who question your work ethic, and your drive to play hard every possession?

“A lot of people think they know me but they really don’t, I work hard and most of all I want win, that’s part of the reason why I chose PC, so I could help my city win.”

When asked about playing with the Puerto Rican national team Ricardo states

 “It was a good experience playing with Carlos Arroyo and Juan Barea they were going at me and I was going at them, they are pros I learned some things from them, and I’m still considering playing with them for the national team.”  

We all have seen your ranking peek and also seen it come way down, due to different opinions we know that you have a competitive edge to you and the rankings tend to get to you.

“Yes they bother me, but I always worked hard, it just made me work harder to show and prove the doubters wrong.

“I hope to see all the PC fans at mid-night madness its going to be Amazing”  


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