Tilton Rams are Steam Rolling Through The Competition

Tilton Rams have won nine out of their last ten games after a win against Lee Academy Sunday afternoon.

Three games in three days were similar equations with the same result. The Tilton boys basketball duo of the Zegarowski brothers have been averaging a combined 40 points per page their last four outings.

The Rams have beaten a combination of high level prep teams including St. Andrew’s, Lee Academy and Vermont Academy within that 72 hour span over the weekend. All by a double digit margin thanks to the leadership of Marcus Zegarowski. The ’18 point guard is crafty is the engine to the Rams vehicle and finds a way to get all the parts (teammates) moving in the right direction.

’17 Pittsburgh commit Terrell Brown is one that has benefited from having Marcus as his point guard who always gets him the ball where he wants it on the post.  Marcus’ twin brother Max Zegarowski has benefited in a major way and a result of that has come in the tune of 20+ point performances. Being on the receiving end of his brothers passes isn’t all Max does for the Rams. Known as a sharp shooter max makes his living from punishing teams from beyond the arc.

The Tilton Rams have been playing at a high level and the trio of Brown and the Zegarowski’s don’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.