Makhtar Gueye: The Secret

We first seen Makhtar Gueye more then five months ago, before he became a national target, tucked away in the Winchendon  School Ma the 6’9″ do it all forward screamed potential.  He moved like a guard, and rebounded like a power forward, his off the dribble jumpshot was a tool that he used often which made him a threat for bigger defenders.

Born and raised in Senegal West Africa, Gueye came to the states with one goal and one goal only.  To be the best player he could possible be, and to make his parents and his country proud.  He started playing basket ball 4 years ago in a Academy name SEEDS Academy in Senegal, before that he was playing Soccer.  Fast forward the hands of time and now he stands before you as one of the country’s best kept secrets.  With offers from Marquette, Rutgers, Depaul, Creighton, UAB, and UCONN

When asked about his goals for the AAU season, Gueye was to the point  “To become a better player.  I’m looking to compete at a high level and get offers from big school like UK, Duke, Louisville, Texas,etc.. and win the chips”

“My favorite Player is Kevin Durant. Because since I started playing basketball everybody used to tell me I look like him, we have the same style of game, he was skinny when he was in HS and as you can see so Im I lol.”

“The strongest aspect of my game is I’m tall and can play on the perimeter and go by the big man that usually guards me, and also I can run the floor well and get easy buckets”

Who is the thought player you have played against?
“Well I will say I faced many though players since I got here last year in Nike Global challenge, like Malik Monk, Miles Bridges and other player from USA team, because they were much more ready than I was and more stronger thats why they were a really hard challenge to play against then. But I did play hard and impose my self”

Who would you want to have dinner with ?
“Kevin Durant because I always watch his documentary and we have so many things in common,  so I really want to sit with him and share my story and get advices from him as a person not as just a basket ball player”

Describe yourself in one WORD: “Thoughtless. Because doesn’t matter who I play against I will play hard and impose my will”