2016 Northeast Hoops Festival

Northeast Hoops Festival


16u Standouts


Metro Boston 5’10 PG Jayden Depina (2018)- Depina was another guard the caught our eye. He has good speed and appears confident when handling the ball. He uses strength to finish off plays but can also make good passing decisions with the ball. Depina was key in Metro Boston win against New England Playaz.


Expressions Elite 6’7 Dana Tate (2018)- Tate has enormous talent and upside. He has good bounce, size and can play multiple positions. I like how he creates off the bounce and will knock down the open jumper, post up smaller defenders.



NE Playaz 6’2 Ethan Wright (2018)- When Wright attacked the basket most defenders bounced off his body. Wright was strong enough to absorb that contact and finish. He was extremely tough to stop even in transition.


NE Playaz 6’8 Nate Laszewski(2018)- Long lanky wing that showed the ability to knock down deep, long range shots. Laszewski has all the tools to play at the high major level.


Expressions 6’7 Philmon Gebrewhit(2018)- Gebrewhit has good size for a combo guard. He can fill it up in the scoring column and he gets it in a variety of ways. Scoring comes easy to him and he scores from all three levels in addition to the FT line. If needed Gebrewhit has good enough ball handling and passing ability that he can play the PG.


Mass Rivals 6’5 AJ Reeves(2018)- Reeves continues to show why he is one of the top shooters in the region. Scoring from a multitude of levels. Reeves continues to fill out his frame showing he is an elite prospect in the class of 2018.


Metro Boston 6’0 Ghared Boyce(2018)- We saw him drive hard to the basket and finish with either hand, through contact. He competes on the defensive end and rebounds from the guard position well. He can move over to the point for short periods of time when needed.


Expressions 6’2 Marcus Zegarowski(2018)- Zegarowski was pound for pound the best point guard at the 16u level throughout the event. His ability to make shots from all over the floor, incredible vision while attacking gaps of the defense Zegarowski has all the tools to play at a high major level.